Our benefits

Great quality

Latest Photo and Video equipment is installed in StyleShoots Machines;

Videos in 4K;

Outstanding quality of images;

Adjustable settings for all photography aspects.

bottom line

Average increase in sales by 24% (due to better quality of product imagery);

Start selling immediately;

Cost effective.

Save time

Produce x4 more photos;

Faster turnaround time;

Option to drop off your products, or we can pick them up for you!

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Shooting products without a «shooter»

Allow us to bring your vision to life. From an aspiring designer to a multi-million dollar corporation - our pricing strategy makes product photography and videography affordable and more efficient for everyone.

Our approach and use of advanced technology allows us to reduce the standard industry pricing by lowering the costs of human labour, overhead, while producing higher quality photos and videos every single time.

Our equipment allows you to have the same consistency and styling of the products (given the adjustable settings and pre-sets of product positioning), making working with the equipment easy and comfortable.