360 product photography via Eclipse Machine

16 August, 2019
360 product photography via Eclipse Machine
Styleshoots Eclipse is one of the best machines to take impressive photos of your products. It will make high level 3D product picture and represent your products in the best way by underlying the advantages and quality of your product.

Styleshoots Eclipse is one of the best machines to take impressive photos of your products. It will make high level 3D product picture and represent your products in the best way by underlying the advantages and quality of your product.

Why 3D photo?

3D photo is several images of the subject, taken from different angles, combined into an animation clip, available for viewing in the browser of any computer or mobile device. To create a 3D photo, special equipment is usually required. Normally 3D tabletop photography includes a rotary tables containing modifications for creating 3D photos of small objects, such as a mobile phone, and large objects, such as furniture.

According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the main factor stopping people from shopping online is the inability to “feel” the goods before buying. Buyers want to get from photos as much detailes as possible about the product, consider it from all sides, twist in their hands. The choice of goods via the Internet does not give such an opportunity, so the buyer wants to at least see as many photos of the subject as possible.

3D photography allows you to satisfy the curiosity of customers and gain their trust.

Ordering 3D photos from professional photographers and product photo studio involved in three-dimensional photography is quite expensive, and the independent creation of three-dimensional photos requires the skills of taking pictures, adjusting light, editing, programming. Using Styleshoots Eclipse machine, a person who does not even have the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer can automatically create a high-quality 3D photo in a few minutes and add it to the catalog of the online store. All the knowledge necessary for product shoot is integrated into Styleshoots Eclipse machine. All that is required is to position the subject and control the shooting from the computer screen!

What is the advantage of 3D photo?

When a user lands on a page with a 3D photo, he usually involuntarily starts twisting the subject, even if he was not going to do it. Thus, the user increases the time that he is on the page. During this time, he may be interested in something else on the site, may be interested in other links or the product itself. Also, 3D photo gives the site great dynamism and beauty and increases product photography rates. It becomes clear to visitors that they are dealing with a modern company that pays due attention to new technologies, ecommerce product photography and cares about the convenience of site visitors.

3D photo creation process

To create a 3D photograph, a series of shots of the subject is made. When using Styleshoots Eclipse machine, 3D photographs are taken automatically. To create such a series of images takes only a couple of minutes. After taking pictures from all angles, the photos automatically go to the computer from which the shooting process is controlled. Machine allows you to control the shooting process and automatically create 3D photos. The result can be easily placed in an interactive catalog or on the site, and is available for users to view.

3D photography with Styleshoots Eclipse

StyleShoots Eclipse is a simple plug-and-play machine, which is your number one tool in 3D photography. All in one, this machine helps you to easily capture, edit and export stills and videos of your products.

Styleshoots Eclipse is a great option for taking commercial photos of your products like shoes, accessories, food, its also a suitable option for packshot photography, commercial photography, ecommerce photography and 360 product photography. 

Product shot photography with Styleshoots Eclips is an all-in-one turnkey solution equipped with lighting, Canon EOS camera, powerful Mac and an iPad with integrated, user-friendly software.

The machine is created with comfort and set design flexibility in mind and it allows you full access to change backdrops and props quickly. The ergonomic working height and the compact size of the machine make it the perfect addition to your e-commerce studio.

After your product photoshoot the easy Eclipse workflow automates your content production process and allows you to supercharge your daily output immensely.

Easy with Styleshoots Eclipse

Choose your product and start creating a product photo. All you need is to:

  • Turn on the machine
  • Put your product on the product photography table
  • Choose the options you want from the tablet that is set in machine
  • Capture every angle with the 4 axes of robotic camera movement.
  • Record the process by video
  • Set all the features for the best result
  • Wait for the result.
  • Save your customized templates for later.

Within minutes eclipse will record, edit and get you ready-to-export files. By using the Sequence feature, you will cut your video recording and editing time in half. You can control your lights and angles from the tablet. Everything is set for the professional product photography.

Thus, if you want a best product photography, now you see that you can have the product photography studio in your home or at office and save on product photography pricing.

This machine has endless possibilities, all you need is a creative mind and with Eclipse you can push all creative boundaries or to create standard, yet flawless e-commerce images.

Make your ecommerce photos with Styleshoots Eclipse to build up your brand.

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