Cheaper, Faster & Better

1 July, 2020
Cheaper, Faster & Better
Today, we want to tell you about the services that we offer for efficient and high-quality production of photographs, 3D photos, and videos for online stores. The process is quite simple: create a style guide on our website directly, and will begin the process once the product reaches our studio.

"In our Toronto product photography studio, we offer professional, high-quality content for your online stores: photographs, 3D photos, and product videos." is a quick and convenient service that allows you to order high-quality product photography and videography s services  in our Toronto product photography studio.

This service optimizes the process of ordering photos, videos, and 3D images in our studio, which is extremely convenient. You can order the content without leaving your home; create an order, and purchase it directly on the site.

Product Photography Rates

Product photography rates depend on the type of service that you need, the number of photos and/or videos required, the complexity of the finishes to be photographed, and other nuances. Discuss all your questions with us by phone or write us an e-mail.

How does it work?

Immediately after registering on our website, you can make your first order online. How does it work? There are five easy steps that you should take:

  1. Create your own style guide and receive pricing.
  2. Ship the product to us.
  3. Pay for your order.
  4. Receive your photos.
  5. Request the return shipment of your products.

Create your own style guide

We have created a unique system that will assist you in creating your own photo guide based on your preferences; it’s simple to use and leads to high-quality, professional content that will make you feel like a real designer. First, choose the category and product type.

We photograph household items, clothes, accessories (bags, belts, watches), shoes, sports equipment (for fitness, team sports, and swimming), food, vitamins, personal hygiene items, and even toys for adults. If you do not find the name of your product in our online store,, call us, and we will discuss the details with you.

Then, start designing your product look. If your product has any complications, you should choose them from the list.

Currently, there are only there options:

  1. The product has shiny and/or reflective surfaces and/or neon colours.
  2. The product cannot stand on its own and/or it is see-through.
  3. Or none

Prices fluctuate depending on the client’s product complexity and photography complexity. The product may be translucent or unstable, and to photograph the item additional mannequins or stands are required. Our studio has an individual client approach because the product specifications are unique, and often clients have special wishes that we always take into account.

Then, you should write the number of product photos you want to purchase.

After that, the system will redirect you to the services page. There, you’ll find three options. As you will see, you can order images, video, or 3D product photography (or all at once).

Let's look at this in greater detail

  • Real Professional Photography

Our team of highly qualified photographers can do real professional photography that will dramatically increase your sales. Did you know that high-quality images increase online store profits by 24%? This is significant. If your online store generates low sales, by investing in quality content, you will immediately justify your costs. Think about it!

We take photos with or without a model and with or without a mannequin. Many features are selectable.

  • We offer video content in our product photography studio.

Video is our passion. Our product photography studio has in-house models as well models. We produce two types of videos: 360-degree videos (where the model rotates 360°) or walk-in videos (where the model enters the frame, turns to show the goods, and leaves the frame). Also, videos can be shot with a model or mannequin.

Why do I need product videos?

  1. An online store with video content will inspire customer confidence and loyalty more quickly than one that uses only pictures and product descriptions. A potential buyer will be able to examine the goods in detail and make the right decision.

  2. Your site becomes ranked higher in search results. The buyer watches the video; it takes some time. Accordingly, he spends more time on the site, which is considered by search algorithms.
  3. Your site traffic and the number of potential customers is growing. Using video gives you an edge over your competitors. Not everyone still applies this effective marketing technique. Therefore, if a person is offered the choice between visiting a site with high-quality, detailed videos, or going to a similar site without them, they will select the former rather than the latter.

  4. Your online store moves up in search results. The video description can be optimized: add keywords; carefully select the page title and description. Additionally, search engines rank pages with video content more highly.
  5. The client performs the target action and increases your site’s conversion rate. A high-quality, helpful video increases your chances of selling an item; it’s easier for a person to buy a product that he has already examined in all aspects and details than one represented by one or more photos.

Video is a new trend in online shopping: the only way the customer can get the tactile feeling of the product before purchasing it. Buyers trust these sites and order products on them with increased frequency. Based on the video, we create a 3D photo with a model or mannequin that can be viewed from a 360° angle.

360-Degree Photography

360-degree photography and 3D photos make the product more interactive. A shopper who browses the site in search of a new t-shirt or jacket can spin and rotate the product as they desire. Most importantly, these photos make customers stay on your site longer. This is such an entertaining moment: the potential buyer can admire the product and post it for a few hours or days on their computer or mobile phone screen.


Additionally, these photos and videos have two more essential, convenient advantages:

  1. Reducing the number of purchased goods that are returned. Such photographs allow you to examine the product from all sides, which gives customers great confidence that they have bought the correct product. With a high-quality, 3D product photo, customers can even consider the product material and quality.
  2. Reducing customer support time and its associated costs. Since customers can independently study many of the characteristics of the purchased goods, this significantly reduces the number of questions that they ask your store’s customer support.

Let's continue to create our photography style. The next step is choosing from four options:

  1. photo with a model

  2. photo without a model

  3. photo on a mannequin

  4. photo on an invisible mannequin

For each of these options, you should choose the type of:

  1. Model

  2. Face option. Should the model’s face be featured in the photo?

    Most customers want the models faces trimmed when they view clothing.

  3. Photo angles

  4. Effects that you want to use on the content: natural or artificial shadows. There is also another option: no effects.

    At the client’s request, in addition to photographing on a white background, we can apply shadows or make a reflection of the product from the surface.

  5. Background type: Select a background; it can be pure or natural white with a grey tint. Or, you can individually order a different background.

    Also, you should choose the image formats (jpg or png) and the aspect ratio. If you have an example of the photo or video you would like to order from us, please contact us.

After you complete all these actions, you’ll get a summary with the total price for your content.

Regardless of the professionalism of our photographers and the genius of our machines, you still need to carry out post-processing, retouching, background work, and shadows to adjust the photo to get perfect results. We try to display all possible options to fulfill the client’s wishes for our service, but if you think that photographing your product requires special attention and requirements, you can always contact us.

After you have chosen the style, selected your options from the list of the elements you need to photograph, and indicated all the other nuances, you will get a price. Now, you can proceed to the next step.

You will be pleased with our discount system

Finally you need to pay for your order, indicating the type of product delivery: drop-off, mail, or pick-up; that’s all! Depending on the volume in a matter of days you will receive your professional, high-quality photos, videos, and 3D images to post on your online store!

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