Commercial photography for online sporting goods stores. Commercial photography of goods for yoga, running, and fitness

Commercial photography for online sporting goods stores. Commercial photography of goods for yoga, running, and fitness

12 October, 2021
Commercial photography for online sporting goods stores. Commercial photography of goods for yoga, running, and fitness
Products for yoga, running, and fitness carry not only beauty and aesthetics but also a certain philosophy and lifestyle. Therefore, making high-quality commercial photography of such products is a real art. You need the ability to demonstrate the main selling points in photos and videos. For example, yoga shoes need to be lightweight and weightless, and running shoes need to show the sole because that’s what matters for the runners.

The best sport product pictures can only be taken by a person who is fond of sports

And, indeed, it is only a person who understands what detail is essential to show in this or that clothing or equipment who will take the best sport product pictures for online store product catalogues. For example, you would know that in dumbbells, it is important to show that both ends of the dumbbells are the same shape, and for women’s dumbbells, it is vital to show the surface since it is important to women not to rub their hands while doing strength exercises.

The psychology of yoga, running, and keeping-fit

What is yoga, and why is it needed? It is hard to imagine a discipline that can radically change the quality of human life. It is even more difficult to imagine that anyone who devotes only an hour or two daily could master it. Nevertheless, this magical solution exists, and it was known as far back as ancient India. It’s yoga.

Having learned how to do yoga exercises, each person begins to live a completely different life than before. Yoga provides clarity of mind, self-confidence, a dramatic health improvement, and family and other relationships become warmer. Every day, a person experiences the genuine joy of being, and all this is thanks to yoga.

Yoga is not gymnastics; yoga is a way of life and philosophy. All these splits, lotus poses, headstands, total relaxation, and other asanas are bodywork, which is only part of yoga. The main aim of yoga is that everyone who practices it, sooner or later, receives answers to their life questions or confidence in the correctness of their chosen path.

Why do people run and do fitness? Running is extremely important to our health. If you start to run for 20-30 minutes a day, there will be all kinds of changes, starting with the fact that excess weight will go away and ending with the fact that you will experience less stress, fall asleep faster, and sleep for longer, and that’s not all the benefits of running. With fitness, everything is much easier – it is affordable for those who do not like to play sports outside, and it is an opportunity to meet new people.

So what unites these three groups of people? The desire to change life for the better, gain health and confidence, and make life more enjoyable. That is why one of the essential rules of creating the best commercial photography for sporting goods in these categories is pleasant photos that will tell the buyer that this product will make their life better and more enjoyable and that their morning jog will be more comfortable and efficient.

How to take product pictures of sneakers for sale. 360-degree photography

Sneakers are one of the most important elements of a tracksuit. Therefore, the very process of preparing to make a high-quality product picture of a sneaker and the process of shooting include important factors. We will now tell you how to photograph sneakers to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Solid colour-contrasting backgrounds are ideal for product presentation. It is best to photograph sneakers against a plain contrasting background. If these are white sneakers, then the background should be at least grey. If the shoes are black or coloured, a white background will do.

Shoot your sneakers from different angles. One picture is not enough for a good product card. The more photos there are, the more likely the buyer will choose your product. Therefore, try to photograph the sneakers from different angles. In addition to the standard “in profile and full-face,” show the sock, heel, sole, tag on the tongue, laces, insole, decorative elements, if any, separately. Be sure to show the sneakers on a live model - it is better if it is a smiling man or woman.

360-degree photography is the best option for photographing sneakers. The world of photography does not stand still. Online stores have been using 360-degree photography to present their products to potential consumers for a long time. This type of photo or video allows buyers to examine the product in the smallest detail from all sides. This is extremely important if the buyer purchases the product through an online store without actually touching it. This is also important for the online store, as there will be more buyers and fewer returns.

How 360-degree photography can be used when photographing running, yoga, and fitness equipment

First, let us gain an understanding of what 360-degree photography is. The main disadvantage of an online store is that the product cannot be held or viewed from all sides. Two-dimensional photographs poorly convey the object’s volume and do not let the buyer get a feel of the product. That is why the best option for any online store is 360-degree photography. Thanks to this kind of photography, the visitor can seem to hold the product in their hands. It’s easy to make a 3D image. A 360-degree photograph is a bunch of photographs of a subject from different angles or an actual 360 video. You can use this format to present shoes, dumbbells, gymnastics balls, and other yoga, running, and fitness accessories.

If you are interested in such photographs, then you can make them yourself. Only, for this, you will require a lot of time. Alternatively, contact the specialists at our photo studio in Toronto. Here, you will quickly get high-quality professional product photography of your goods.

Some more tips on how to make professional product photography with models for yoga, running, and fitness products

We have prepared a list of tips to help you take professional product photography with models for your yoga, running, and fitness products:

  1. If you are photographing clothes on a model, then he or she should have an even skin colour. That is, there should be no marks from a swimsuit if you are taking a photo of a sports top. The model must take care of this on their own. For the model, this means:
    • in order to avoid the formation of spots on the skin, be responsible for the even distribution of sunscreen;
    • when visiting a solarium, monitor the evenness of tanning on each side of the body;
    • both on the beach and in the solarium, do not forget to treat the areas below the armpits, the inner parts of the arms, and muscles with sunlight/ultraviolet light;
    • stop sunbathing two days before a photoshoot.
  2. Take many shots with the model. Later, choose the best ones and simply delete the photos you do not want to use.
  3. The model should be a woman or a man who is involved in the sport because the sportsperson sitting on the other side of the screen and selects clothes or equipment in an online store will instantly know if the model is engaged in the sport. The fact is that some sports even change people's faces in a certain way. Yogis, for example, have more relaxed faces. Runners have livelier and more purposeful faces.
  4. Take photos of two models together. Sport makes people healthier and more fun, and, therefore, they want to communicate more and more interestingly. One photo out of ten for the product listing should be of a man and a woman enthusiastically discussing something or doing their sport.
  5. Take pictures of any movement using a white background. This really works for online sportswear retailers, as the buyers of these online stores love movement, development, energy, and play. In other words, if you are taking photos of runners, then an image of a man and a woman doing stretches (stretching while running) wearing the clothes you are taking photos of will make the customer’s eyes stop for a few seconds, which is exactly what we need.
  6. Take fun and lively photos. Bringing life to your photos is important because sport is life. It brings people health, energy, and happiness. This is not fashionable clothes for a glamorous woman - this is a photograph of a sporty model, from which an irrepressible fountain of energy gushes.
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