Commercial photography of teen's products for online youth clothing stores. Colours and styles: how to attract young adult clientele and entice them to make a purchase

7 December, 2020
Commercial photography of teen's products for online youth clothing stores. Colours and styles: how to attract young adult clientele and entice them to make a purchase
Commercial photography of teen’s products is a very common request for professional photographers from online stores. Why? Because opening a youth clothing store is quite a promising idea. First, young people are a target audience that is not used to keeping the same clothes for a long time.

Fashion is constantly changing, and this puts pressure on them to regularly update their wardrobe. Secondly, the amount of material in this segment of the clothing market is quite extensive, so there will be plenty to choose from. So, the topic of today's article is the commercial photography products for teens for online youth clothing stores.

Teens clothes photography

Adolescence is a transitional period, the threshold of adulthood. The transformation of “an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan” is a very bright moment, the importance of which is understood by every person. Not all adults, however, remember what desires drive teenagers. The psychology and needs of a teenager are radically different from the psychology and needs of an adult. The main thing for an individual in adolescence is to stand out, attract the attention of peers and adults, present themselves to the world, and socialize. One of the strongest ways teenagers show this is with clothes. Teens clothes photography has to keep up with the times in order to get the attention of the teenager on the Internet, so that they can be led to make a purchase. To do this, you need to know one very important nuance: Teen fashion.

Teen fashion is what guides the modern teenager when choosing a new jacket or t-shirt to buy. This means that you must take responsibility for keeping track of its changes, so you are constantly delivering something new that will satisfy your very demanding customers. This is a responsibility not only of the owner of the online store but also of the photographer. The photographer must constantly keep an eye on teenage fashion as it changes at fast speed. One currently fashionable accessory added to a photograph can increase or decrease sales by a huge amount, simply because teenage fashion, like the teenagers themselves, changes very quickly, energetically, and completely unpredictably.

Teens clothes photography. Specific considera5ons for when you take product photography for e- commerce

Everyone understands that when you work with an adult model who already has a lot of experience, they can follow the instructions of the photographer quite professionally. A photographer can simply ask the model to express themselves more energetically, or to add more mystery and glamour, and the model will do it. In this way, the photographer will get the product photography for e-commerce that interests him. But, in teens clothes photography there are a number of extra issues; a teenager may feel shy or uncomfortable and this will be reflected in the photos quite clearly. Therefore, you need to know a number of approaches that will help in creating quality teens clothes photography:

Teenagers need to be treated with respect

Whatever the character of the teens you are going to photograph, treat them with respect. You can start building trust with casual conversation. Do not use youth slang to try to gain confidence and appear as a peer. Instead, talk to them as equals. In this way, they will feel that you are not treating them like children.

Give them the same respect and attitude as you would to adults – this is what teenagers want. Find out their interests and preferences. Let them give their opinion on how they would like to see their photos. The more you involve teens in the process of preparing for photography, the more they will be willing to play their part with the right attitude. This is a win-win for natural and vibrant images.

Key point: Treat them like adults

Teenagers in this transitional period, on the one hand, already have the features of adults, and on the other, they still retain many of their childhood habits.

Remember our first tip; treat them like adults. This is really important. Have a conversation with them about the topics that appeal to the adult part of their personality. Encourage them to feel that they are on an equal level with you. This will undoubtedly endear you to them and give you respect in their eyes. Once you feel that contact is established subtly begin working on ideas for poses that would make for good photos.

Effective communication is key when working with any model, especially with one who can be as difficult as a teenager.

In the process of shooting, be sure to view the captured images with them on the LCD monitor - most often this will strengthen the desire of teenagers to take good pictures. In addition, they may well be able to suggest some ideas for one or a series of photos that had not occurred to you.

Professional product photography for online teenager clothes stores

Now let's consider exactly how to take pictures for professional product photography for online teenager clothes stores.

Make the photos bright. That is, strive to ensure that a piece of clothing is bright or that the model radiates a fountain of energy. This draws attention to the photograph and therefore encourages a consumer to buy the item.

When you start shooting, work quickly. Get ready to capture fleeting movements and shades of emotion. Out of 15 photos in one position, only 1 or 2 are suitable for publication in an online store. All will differ in slightly perceptible details; a wider smile of a model or, on the contrary, a calmer face of a teenager.

Be careful. Photos should not be too explicit, because they are still teenagers, in other words, children. Those photos that accidentally come out with a hint of sexuality should be immediately deleted.

Use a simple background. That is, the photos should be bright, but the background should be simple. The brightness of the photo will be provided by the teenager themselves.

When photographing teenagers, focus on their youth and energy. This what you are selling. This is what provides the brightness.

To best achieve this, it is best to use a simple background that will not distract the viewer's attention from your model and their clothes.

In addition, neutral backgrounds give your photos a less formal look and natural energy.

Strive for naturalness. One of the things that makes teen photography interesting is the naturalness of their actions and behaviour. If you go to an online youth clothing store and look at the models, you will see that even though they should still shoot certain model poses, teenagers look very natural in photographs. This is one of the advantages of their youth - their youthful energy, flowing like a fountain, makes them natural in any light and position.

Add coolness to photography and accessories. Mix these up, and you will have a great photo.

Give your models freedom. Let them fool around on camera - alone, together or in a group. Throw them a balloon to throw around, or tell them a funny joke to make them laugh. Take a lot of pictures during this and you will find one that can be placed on the main page of the site as a banner, or used as the main image of your catalogue.

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