Cost of Photography for Amazon Listings products

Cost of Photography for Amazon Listings products

2 March, 2021
Cost of Photography for Amazon Listings products
Dealing with the cost of photography for your Amazon products can be a hassle. However, It is one of the best investments you can make for your product to be presentable on Amazon.

Dealing with the cost of photography for your Amazon products can be a hassle. However, It is one of the best investments you can make for your product to be presentable on Amazon. 

So the cost shouldn't stop you from getting proper images of your product for Amazon. The best Amazon sellers know these and they try to put up the best images of their products.

To create a perspective, how do you feel when you decide to buy something online and then check out Amazon? Say, the first store you check, you find they display poor images of the product you want to buy. 

Even if they have an awesome product description, the images will still give you doubts about buying the product. This is how most people will also feel if you have poor images of your products on Amazon.

Amazon is a large and highly competitive market, it takes a huge effort to stand out from the crowd. You need to be ready to pay the cost of product photography for your products to stand out on Amazon. But what's the cost of product photography for Amazon products? Let’s explore the answer to that question together. 

What is Amazon Product Photography?


Amazon product photography simply involves capturing images of your products to meet quality standards acceptable on Amazon. The definition covers the simple part of it. With this definition, it may seem quite easy to capture images to meet some Amazon standards. However, it goes beyond that, it involves capturing images that will also sell to buyers on Amazon.

Therefore, Amazon product photography involves capturing images that meet the specific standards of Amazon and simultaneously sell to buyers on Amazon. It's as simple as that. You take images that Amazon says "okay that's cool we'll allow it" and the buyers say "wow, I’ll check that out." 

To get the perfect images for your Amazon products, you should hire an Amazon product photographer. Amazon product photographers specialize in working with clients who sell on Amazon. 

These photographers are familiar with Amazon image guidelines and what sells on Amazon. So they know how to get you the perfect listing images for your Amazon products.

Is there any difference between ordinary product photography and Amazon Product photography?

It's easy to mix ordinary product photography with Amazon product photography. While they are both the same thing basically, some components differentiate them.

Amazon product photography is specifically for product listings on Amazon and so also is the cost. So, the photographers capture and edit the images to get them on Amazon. 

Ordinary product photography is not specific to any particular platform or website. The images from regular product photography will be useful for different applications.

Amazon also has specific guidelines for the images you can display for your products. Therefore, all the images you will display on Amazon must meet set standards. 

However, ordinary product photography does not follow specific standards. The standards are set by you or whoever is in charge of the product images and marketing. You can decide what size, quality and type of image you want for the regular product photography.

Types of Images appropriate for Amazon


Regular product photography covers a wide variety of types of images. But of all these types, only three are acceptable on Amazon. 

Hero Images


Hero images are simple high-quality images of the products shot on a white background. The white background is part of the specifications for Amazon. 

To capture these images, you need professional photography equipment and skills. As simplistic as it seems, it will be tricky to get it without the right skill set and equipment.

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Lifestyle Images


These are images showcasing the product while in use for its design purpose. It serves as an example to indicate the product in use as intended by the manufacturers. 

Lifestyle images help the buyers to visualize the purposes of the products and imagine creative applications of the product. Therefore you should ensure to capture the image in such a way that customers can imagine ways it will be useful for them.



Infographics are images featuring the product picture and few words providing relevant information about the product. 

Infographics help Amazon shoppers to view product images in a way that’s easy to understand. For instance, with infographics, you can easily explain the assembly of the product.    

Some general Amazon images requirements


We mentioned Amazon image requirements quite a number of times. If you’re wondering what those are, below are some image requirements according to the Amazon product images requirements page.

  • Primary images of the products must be on white background i.e they must be what we categorize as hero images
  • Primary images must be professional photographs of the product the seller intends to sell. Amazon will not allow the use of illustrations, designs, mockups, etc. Also, the image must match the product title.
  • The minimum acceptable size for the images is 1,600 pixels or larger on the longest side. This makes it easier for buyers to zoom in and get a better view of the product. However, the images should not exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
  • Images are only acceptable in JPEG, TIFF, and GIF file formats. However, the best option is the jpeg format.
  • Images must not be blurry or pixelated. All product features must be clearly visible in the image.

What is the Cost of Photography For Amazon Products?


We cannot state for certain the product pricing for Amazon products, it varies depending on many factors. Different photographers have different methods and criteria for charging their clients. Regardless, we do know that certain constant factors determine the cost of Amazon product photography. We will explain some of them below.

The type of photography


We already explained the different types of product photography acceptable for products on Amazon. These are different from the regular types of product photography. 

However, this doesn’t mean that all types of product images acceptable on Amazon come at the same price. The prices often differ with the level of work that goes into the final image.

Hero images are the cheapest as they do not require much effort to capture and produce. They may require certain equipment, however, they are still by far the easiest to produce.

Lifestyle images will cost more than hero images. This is because the photographer will require assistants to capture and produce these images. Also, it’s more difficult to get these images to meet the standard requirements of Amazon. Therefore, the photographer will need to put in additional effort to ensure the images meet Amazon standards.

Infographics will cost the highest of the three image types. This is because it entails more than just image photography and editing. It also involves graphic design and incorporating the images with words to pass the intended message. The cost will cover the additional graphic design service plus the original image capturing. 

Freelance photographer vs Full studios.


The cost of Amazon product photography will also depend on the type of photographer you hire. You have the option of either hiring a freelance photographer or a full studio. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages in addition to their price differences.

Freelance photographers often charge less than full studios, however, there’s no guarantee for good service quality. They also may not have some of the professional equipment that is useful for product photography. However, if they’re skillful enough, they may be able to get you quality images that meet Amazon standards. 

Full studios on the other hand have professional photographers and equipment. However, they’ll charge more than a freelance product photographer. This is because they will provide all the equipment which they will need for the photography. All you will have to produce is the product you want to get a photograph of.   

Experience and skill of the photographer

This is also one of the major factors that influence the cost of Amazon product photography. Photographers that have a lot of experience and skill with Amazon product photography will typically charge you more. 

This is because they’ll bring their wealth of experience and skills to work for you. You often find them working for or operating a full studio, and they often guarantee the best results. 

Hobbyists, beginners, and others with smaller experience often charge less, sometimes as low as $100. However, they do not guarantee the same results as veterans. They also often do not have the appropriate equipment. Therefore, you may still need to source equipment externally. However, they’re cheap options for you if you’re working with a small budget.

How much to hire an Amazon product photographer?


With all these considerations, we estimate the low-end cost of Amazon product photography to be around $150 to $200. The high-end can cost over $600 depending on the factors that are involved.  To get accurate information on how much to do photography for your products on Amazon you should get a quote from a professional photographer.

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The cost of product photography for amazon products is an investment for your business. Ensure to get it done professionally. Do not cut costs when it comes to getting images of your products. However, if you’re working on a budget, stick to what you can afford as long the results meet the requirements.

If you’re finding it difficult to get professional and affordable Amazon product photography services, let’s help you with that. Here at Style Photos, we will help you capture quality images that will meet Amazon's requirements and attract buyers. Contact us today!


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