E-commerce photography of Christmas toys for online store catalogues

E-commerce photography of Christmas toys for online store catalogues

19 November, 2021
E-commerce photography of Christmas toys for online store catalogues
Christmas is a holiday that both adults and children eagerly look forward to. The feelings that we experience in childhood, in anticipation of this holiday, stay with us throughout our life. The special magical aura of this family holiday gives us new strength and faith in ourselves.

Therefore, e-commerce photography of Christmas decorations should be filled with the soul of the photographer – a special magic that they can give to the viewer.

Christmas festivities are endless sources of creativity for photographers of all types. In the beautiful play of lights and glimmer of Christmas tree decorations, you can always find something exciting, touching the very fibres of the soul. Nevertheless, you still need to be able to correctly depict that unique Christmas atmosphere! In this article we will tell you how to properly photograph sparkling Christmas tree decorations.

What kinds of Christmas decorations are there?

Let us first consider what types of Christmas decorations there are. After all, people have been marking the arrival of Christmas in this way for centuries. There have long been unwritten rules for decorating a Christmas tree. The top is usually crowned with the Star of Bethlehem or the Angel Gabriel. The baubles (previously apples) represent the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve. Burning candles are a symbol of Christ's sacrifice. The various types of gingerbreads and biscuits, which replaced the waffles that were obligatory in the Middle Ages, are reminiscent of bread transformed in the sacrament.

  1. This, of course, is the Christmas Tree, the most vivid symbol of Christmas festivities. A Christmas tree simply cannot be imagined without decorations. The point lies not only in the decorations themselves, but also in the process of choosing and hanging them: the whole family often gathers to decorate the tree – this helps to create a joyous festive atmosphere in the house.
  2. Toys to decorate the Christmas tree. Baubles and figurines can be seen on almost any Christmas tree. Baubles – along with sparkling tinsel – usually form the basis of the decoration of the tree. Figurines are also common: ballerinas made of textiles or ceramics, angels, birds, etc., or more recently, Santa Claus, snowmen and deer. The tree can also be decorated with artificial snowflakes and icicles.
  3. Decorations for the garden: figurines of deers, pixies, Christmas elves, Santa Claus and his sleigh, as well as all other toys related to Christmas. Sometimes whole arrangements are created in the garden, one of the most popular is the Christmas Nativity Scene, depicting the stable where Jesus was born and the individuals present.
  4. Christmas decorations for doors, gates and entrances. The public face of any house is a gate and an entrance door. Christmas tree wreaths with fiery red rowan berries, holly and ivy, pine cones and other plants are considered traditional decorations. For colour, garlands are hung on tree trunks and lantern posts.
  5. Small figurines that are placed next to the Christmas Tree, as well as stockings hung up on the fireplace mantle for Santa Claus to deliver his gifts.
  6. Christmas wreaths. Among all the decorations, they should be singled out – these are a very beautiful attribute of winter decor, which have multiple meanings in the Christian world. The circle symbolizes the infinity of being, the green colour of the needles represents life, and the red colour of candles and ribbons is the blood of Christ, bells – which are also sometimes decorated with a wreath – mean the death of evil and the birth of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, a wreath with four candles can be interpreted as the four corners of the Earth, and the round shape symbolizes eternal life.
  7. Christmas outfits. All those Santa hats and elf costumes, angel costumes with wings for young children, and pretty antlers for adults are also part of Christmas that is gaining popularity, and it's worth adding these items to online catalogues.

Product photos of Christmas toys. Basic tips from a professional product photographer

This process is complicated slightly by the fact that toys often have a glossy surface that reflects light. Also, Christmas trees with lights on or glowing figurines can give a photo a bluish or yellowish tint. Here are some basic tips from a professional product photographer you should follow when making product photos of Christmas toys:

Set the aperture priority or adjust manually. It is best to work with levels between 1.8 and 5.6.

Work with the white balance so that the lights on the tree do not go blue or yellow, and you ensure soft and cozy lighting.

You will definitely need a tripod to avoid shaking in the frame.

The flash will have to be abandoned: it makes the image dull and pale. In addition, it will create an unsightly glare. It is the lighting that creates a special sense of magic and celebration in the photo. Experiment with colourful lights on the tree. You can try using an overhead light if you find it appropriate. Sometimes the frame will only benefit if you utilize candles as an additional source of illumination. This will create an interesting effect with the play of light, and will look charming. A Christmas tree toy looks especially beautiful if you shoot it in close-up while in the background there are blurred lights casting an ethereal glow.

Creating of beautiful banner for an online store of Christmas products

Here are some tips to create beautiful photos with a magical holiday effect, which you can use to create a beautiful banner for your online Christmas merchandise store.

A Christmas tree decorated with lights should be photographed in dim light or in complete darkness, because the overhead light in the room will diminish the beauty of the shimmering Christmas tree. In this case, you can take a close-up photo of a Christmas tree branch with toys and use it as a pretty banner.

Build the correct composition of the frame. The Christmas tree does not have to be in the centre of the picture. Place it to one side a little, and situate toys next to it or a smiling couple.

Arrange the toys on a beautiful piece of fabric, adding an interesting accessory to this set, for example, a New Year's Eve Party hat, a postcard or some candles.

360 degree photography for Christmas trees and big Christmas decorations

Christmas is an incredibly inspiring time where there is a magical atmosphere and a desire to participate in miracles. The most famous and ubiquitous tradition of decorating your home for Christmas is, of course, the Christmas tree. An evergreen tree decorated with lights, tinsel and toys sets a great mood and is a universally understood symbol of the holiday. But the imagination of people is limitless, and for a long time we have not restricted ourselves to decorating the interior with just a Christmas tree: beautiful figures of Santa Claus and other Christmas characters are placed next to the tree, sometimes you can see mischievous Christmas elves or glowing deer in the garden. Product photos of Christmas trees and figurines such as glowing deer and others can be supplemented in the online catalogue with 360 degree photography, which is a great way to demonstrate the decoration from all sides.

When viewing 360 degree photography, the buyer is given the impression that they are almost holding the object in their hands and can examine it from every angle.

Why is it so important these days? Unlike a real store, in an online store, the buyer cannot simply pick up the product and examine it. Therefore, the possibility to examine it from all sides is highly desirable. More than once in our blog we have discussed why this type of photography is so in demand. In this instance, the primary reason is that now, when people are looking forward to Christmas, the whole family choosing figurines to decorate the garden or home (or maybe even for the first time!) is such a special event that it will remain in the memory for a lifetime, and 360 degree photography makes the process even more interesting.

Product photography in Toronto – modern photo studio

If you need to create product photography in Toronto, then you can order high-quality photos and video of your products from our modern photo studio. You can also make them yourself by simply renting our unique photography machines from us. We will now provide some more detailed information on what types of Christmas decorations and toys can be photographed on what photo machines.

We have four different machines where the optimal settings are already set up. All you need to do is just place your product or model in the frame and enjoy watching the process. In addition, from each machine you can automatically send photos by e-mail or publish them on popular social networks on your brand’s accounts. 

The Life machine is designed for large objects or people. Here, with good lighting, you can take product photos or 360 degree photography of a Christmas tree or any large garden figurine. Here you can also take photographs of entire compositions: the Christmas nativity scene or Santa in his Grotto composition. With this machine you can also take pictures of models in Christmas outfits, or children with Christmas toys.

The Eclipse is designed for small items such as toys, candlesticks, small figurines and other small Christmas paraphernalia.

The Horizontal machine is designed for flat-lay photography. Here you can take pictures of Christmas clothes folded and unfolded: costumes of elves and other fairy-tale characters, Santa Claus hats, and gift stockings. It is also perfect for making photos of garlands and Christmas wreaths.

Finally, the Alpha-shot machine is designed for flat-lay jewelry. It has a special ability to remove glare and to take high-quality photographs and videos of small objects with shiny surfaces. This is why it is perfect for taking pictures of small glittering Christmas tree decorations.

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