High-Quality Commercial Photography in Toronto: Your Ticket to Success

15 April, 2020
High-Quality Commercial Photography in Toronto: Your Ticket to Success
A clothing designer is a professional in his or her field — a creative person with an inexhaustible flow of energy and passion who continuously strives to discover new horizons. If you are already an established designer, you know how difficult it is to take a high-quality commercial product photo that showcases all the features that you invented and emphasizes the depth of the fabric and its colour.

If you are beginner designer in hopes of becoming the next Giorgio Armani, you probably already spent hours or days trying to photograph the products you have created. At this moment, when you are looking and low-quality images that do not translate the texture or colour of your product, you realize that product photography is in fact a difficult business.

Have you asked yourself, “Why are there pictures of clothes depicted in some online stores that are so beautiful? Do they use post production techniques that are not attainable by a mortal?” No, they do not; photo-editing tools alone are insufficient. High-quality commercial photography is a tedious process that requires a lot of time and effort.

How to Take a High-Quality Product Photo

Let us examine how to take high-quality photos for your online store or product catalogue.

First, make sure to have a proper setup, including a studio with a camera, tripod, holder, seamless paper, mannequin, and lighting equipment. The backdrop should always be white or off-white colour to display the colours of the objects you are shooting, without altering them.

You should also purchase professional lighting fixtures. For one lighting fixture, you will need special lamps, a soft-box, holder, battery and radio synchronizer; these items are quite costly.

Diffuse the light using a soft-box. Using this approach would allot the product to be properly lit on all sides and this guarantees your product’s attractive appearance. Using a holder will provide the proper level for this element and light head. A radio synchronizer will assist you in adjusting the camera and lighting properly.

Place the light source and soft-box at a 45-degree angle to the product, and place the camera directly opposite of the object you are planning to shoot. If you place the product too close to the background, a shadow may form.

The camera must be configured correctly, since even with the help of Photoshop, if you do not set up the camera correctly, you will not get professionally looking photos. Before taking pictures of your products, make sure to configure the ISO (camera's photosensitivity), aperture, and white balance properly.

The ISO should not be higher than 600-640 because the higher this level is, the blurrier the photos will be.

The aperture, which is indicated by the “f” lettering in the camera settings (e.g. f/16, f/2.8), controls the focus. The greater its value, the greater the number of objects in the picture will be in focus. The aperture value should be higher than f/11; this will ensure adequate concentration on all the necessary details of the product.

Then you should adjust the white balance - it regulates how your camera interprets the colors. This indicator is extremely important and it must be considered. Otherwise, you will encounter many problems later when you try to recreate the original hues in photoshop or other editing tools.

The shooting process begins only after these setting have been adjusted. However, even during the shoot, you must understand how to change the camera settings if there is too much or too little light in the images.

The product must be photographed from different angles, and then minor errors should be corrected in photoshop or other editing tools.


After you complete the photography process, prepare the product images to be published online. The images should look as professional as possible.

After proper post-production work, your photos should look like this:

  • All photos must be of the same size.
  • All images should be centered.
  • All sides, angles, and edges of the product should be aligned.
  • Cropping and background should also be the same for all products.

Most importantly, even if you are very scrupulous in regards to white balance, some hues, shades of neon, red, and pink are difficult to photograph correctly. Frequently, you must fix such colours in photoshop. Colours that do not correspond to the real products’ colours can make buyers feel disappointed and unsatisfied. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the colour palette in the image corresponds to the colour palette of the actual product.. The buyer must see exactly what he/she will receive if he/she orders the goods.

How to Promote Your Clothing Line: Make Your Product Photos in Toronto

As you can see, doing everything yourself is extremely difficult, costly, and distracts from your creativity or business operations. Therefore, we suggest you order your product photos in Toronto from us, as we take on special machines invented by professionals for professionals. A perfectly set color on the right background will emphasize the unusual texture of the fabric, and the color will look vibrant and deep, as it is in real life; your customers will not be disappointed after receiving an order from the courier.

Professional product photography in our photo studio

In our photo studio, you can order professional photos and videos of your merchandise — not only clothes but also shoes and jewelry. For this, we have special professional product  photography machines that make the process a lot more efficient and effective. Up to date we shot every product category imaginable, and are professionals in what we do.

Here are our machines:

Eclipse: a special machine for shoes and small products.  This system allows us to create photos and videos of products, including 360 videography.

Live: allows us to create video and photo content, including ghost mannequin photography, model photography, and videos with higher quality than those taken by a professional photographer. 

Horizontal: for flat-layout photos: we use it to create stylish flat-lay photography for e-Commerce, as well as creative arrangements for social media content.

Oribt Alpha shot:  is a unique machine specifically created for jewelry. It is the world's most innovative compact 2D/360° photo studio for the professional shooting of jewelry, watches, coins, fashion accessories, and other small items with a maximum size of 18 x 16 x 15 cm. 

High-quality product photography is very important in e-commerce. For many buyers, images of your merchandise will be a critical deciding factor when making a purchasing decision. To decide whether to purchase online and enter his/her card number, an individual needs to see a product that looks professional, consistent, and depicts the “touch and feel” of the product.

Do You Want to Create Professionally looking Photos and Profit From Them?

With us, you can create an entire catalogue of products with high quality e-commerce and creative images.  According to the research conducted by the manufacturer of the equipment, businesses that utilize professional, high-quality, and consistent content see a 24% increase in sales.

Salvador Dali was a brilliant artist, but he had his Gala, who organized sales of his masterpieces and was engaged in marketing. And you have us; with our capabilities to produce photo and video content that will increase your sales and minimize returns. Just call us for more information!

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