How Much Do Photographers Charge for Product Photography?

How Much Do Photographers Charge for Product Photography?

8 February, 2021
How Much Do Photographers Charge for Product Photography?
In today’s digital age, a crucial part of managing an online business is knowing how much photographers charge for product photography. Most times, it's more than you think. To make better business plans, you need all the information you can get about the price of taking product images.

In today’s digital age, a crucial part of managing an online business is knowing how much photographers charge for product photography. Most times, it's more than you think. To make better business plans, you need all the information you can get about the price of taking product images.

As an eCommerce business owner, the best option is to have a go-to photographer for your products. Having this saves you the hassle of looking for a new photographer whenever you have new stock. Not only does it save you time for searching, but it also saves you on cost. Over time, your long-term photographer will offer you discounts and package pricing. 

However, if you don’t have this luxury, you need to pick out a product photographer for your business needs. And to do this, information about pricing can serve as base knowledge for your search. In this blog, we will show you how much product photographers charge to take product images. But first, why is product photography so important?


Why Should You Invest in Product Photography?

It's not enough to take great images with even your iPhone. Below are the reasons why you should invest in a product photographer.

Powerful first impression

First impressions are critical for an online business. When the first impression your customers have of your products is bad, it's going to affect your business. 

Professional pictures of your products on your website will put you at advantage.  The effect of the images on your potential customers is subconscious. This is such that, a low-quality image tells the story of an inferior product, while a high-quality image does the opposite. In fact, about 75% of shoppers make a buying decision based on images they see of the product. 

Helps your product stand out


If you want to make more sales online, how much photographers charge for product photography shouldn’t deter you. It’s an investment that’s worth it. When you have product images that catch the attention of your target audience, you will make more sales. 

Emotional Appeal


Making an online purchase can be an emotional activity. For people to resonate with what you are offering, you have to speak to their emotions. You may wonder how pictures do that. However, a professional product photographer knows just what to do to effectively communicate the message of a product. This level of photography quality can only be achieved with a professional and not with your phone.

It makes your website look professional


The right quality of image enhances the overall outlook of your website. Content is everything when it comes to a website. It’s not just about placing the needed information on the website. The eCommerce site should also captivate the attention of the visitors.

Beyond the visual appeal of quality photos on your website, they also help your website to be better optimized. Pages with high-quality images will be given more credibility by search engines. 

Types of Product Photography


Here, we will start to get into the detail of how much photographers charge for product photography. Firstly, it depends on the type of product photography. Here’s what we mean: 

Simple Studio Product Photography

In the world of online shopping, product photography is more important than ever. Studio product photos are some of the easiest to take. However, one thing you should know is that different products require different approaches.

In this type of photography, you must duly consider the feel and touch of the product. Due to the level of expertise that goes into taking product photos, photographers tend to charge more for them.

White background photos


There are more white background product photos than there are of other colours. These are the types of product images you find on amazon. Usually, white background photos are easier to take. Consequently, product photographers are more likely to offer affordable rates to take this kind of product images.

Scaled images


This technique is commonly used when you are trying to show how big the product is. It allows the potential customer to see how the product is used. In most cases, a human reference is used in such images. 

With the need for a cast, possible make-up and post-editing, scaled images are more expensive. Product photography rates will be higher for these.

Studio setup images


These are images where you set up props in a studio. Typically, they are different from simple studio setups because these are made to mimic an environment. Most product photographers prefer this because of the control it affords them.

Hanging Products


In some photos, you can hang products to make them more three dimensional. This produces the same effect as when mannequins are used to hang clothes. Then, the product photographer will use Photoshop to remove whatever was used to hanging the products.

How Product Photography Services Differ?


Photographers charge for product photography based on what the service entails. Here, knowing the extent of the service you need is your primary assignment. The type of service you require dictates what your budget should look like. Two main studio types always work;

  • Local Independent Studio
  • Full-service studio

Whichever you choose from these two will always provide you with outstanding results. But, here is a quick look at how these services differ.

Local Independent Studio


Rates for product photography by independent professionals are always lower than that of full-service studio firms. These individuals are freelancers and most likely share a studio with others. 

More often than not, they offer photography as a service amongst other services. If they aren't sharing a studio with others, they work from home.


  • There are numerous independent photographers you can work with
  • It’s easier to negotiate rates, as they have full control over the whole service


  • Most of them don't specialize in product photography

Full-Service Studio Photography


Working with a studio is always the best option. Here, you are dealing with individuals who specialize in the art of product photography. They are more like agencies, and there is a high probability that they have done some projects related to yours. 

They can take from that experience to help you create images that’ll sell your products. You may not get this with an independent photographer.


  • They have the needed manpower, software, and resources to pull off whatever crazy you have
  •  If they specialize in product photography, you'll get better price rates
  •  They can handle products of all types and sizes



  • You’ll incur extra cost on shipping if the studio is not close to you

Pricing for Expert Product Photography


The pricing for expert product photography is dependent on several factors. For concrete answers on how much a photographer will charge for product images, here’s what you need to know.

Charging per hour/day


This is the most common form of pricing system. It can, however, be difficult to budget for this. For one, you may experience delays you have no control over. On the flip side of it, it can also ensure efficiency. Typically, most photographers will charge you upwards of $200 for every day of work.

Charging per product


Some photographers prefer to charge by this model. Here the photographer will charge you based on the number of products you want pictures for. Depending on the skill of the photographer, they may charge up to $20 per product. 

Charging Per Product Image


For most persons, this is the most transparent and logical way to charge for product images. Also, the higher the number of pictures you select the more discount you get. To ensure that you get the most for the money you pay, you should be clear on what exactly you want for the product images. 

You should be clear on the products you need pictures for. You should also consider what your customers want to see in the images. Hence, you should do some user research beforehand, to know what works or not. You should also budget the number of pictures you want to take with you after the shoot. 

Product Photography: The Extra Expenses


Outside of the general rates that most product photographers charge for product photography, you may also have to pay these extra expenses:

  • Additional charges for product weight and size
  • Extra charges for product preparation and styling
  • Additional charges for product layout and set construction
  • Charges for lifestyle images and specialty shots 

Final Take


Knowing what photographers charge for product photography is only the beginning. To effectively budget, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve during the photo session. Once you can get this sorted the first time, it becomes easier.

If you are working on a day-to-day pricing model, photographers can charge up to $500 for every day of work. However, on a product to product basis, the rates may differ. 

Here at Style Photos, we offer affordable pricing models to take care of your product photography needs in Ontario. In fact, we also offer the option of renting our advanced product photography equipment. Contact us to discuss your options!


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