How to do a product shoot for men's clothing to increase sales

3 August, 2020
How to do a product shoot for men's clothing to increase sales
As you know, men and women have different approaches to purchasing clothing. For women, in many cases the process of shipping is an experience, whereas men often view it as a necessity.

If you own an online men’s clothing store, you need to make every effort to ensure that the buyer comes to you.

First of all, you need to know everything about how to do a product shoot for men's clothing: You should avoid going too far with the colors, just maintain the style and understand what kind of target audience you are trying to attract (the first and most important step).

By the way, here is your most desired option: Open an online men’s clothing store focused on a certain style.

What audience should you target with e-commerce photography?

With women's clothing, it is more or less clear – the target audience is active. Women will find and order goods, but with men's clothes, it is more difficult.

It is no secret that most men are not shopaholics: Shopping trips for them turn into torture, and they mostly wear what their wives or partners have chosen for them.

The exceptions are fashionistas, men who are thrilled to choose clothes themselves.

Therefore, the target audience for ecommerce photography can be divided into four main types:

  1. Women who buy clothes for their partners: The role of the latter, as a rule, is to nod their heads — take it! — or reject the goods. Accordingly, marketing of an online men’s clothing store should focus on the female audience too.
  2. Fashion-focused men: This type of man cares about his appearance and follows fashion trends. It does not matter what clothes he prefers — business suits or casual styles — the main thing is to be stylish.

    How do you work with this group of customers? Remember that men, are generally guided not by emotions, but by logic. The photo should explain and show clearly what is in fashion and what is not.

    Use professional product photography to show how to combine things — in many instances, your customers may not know how to combine clothing. It will be important to establish a product recommendation service on the website, which will suggest how to create a fashionable image and which items can be combined.

  3. Teenagers, youth: They have their own fashion. It is common for each generation to have a cult-following of certain things — for example, sneakers, backpacks and sweatshirts of a certain brand and style.

    Remember, young people spend a lot of time on the internet — they also buy there. They sort through a large number of sites before buying a sweatshirt or sneakers, and therefore the photos in your ads should be of the best quality and the models in them should seem like they belong to a certain culture.

  4. Adherents of a certain style: You know that metal music fans dress up in their own way: black leather, rivets, more metal and rough details — that is the style. Adherents of grunge are a completely different: they wear worn jeans, stretched sweaters and display a general negligence toward clothes.

    To target this type of potential buyers with a product shoot, you need to create an atmosphere that they understand. For a rock clothing store, for example, drive a Harley Davidson into the product photography studio, and have the model be a brutal, bearded man in a leather jacket.

    Usually, men prefer to buy things that make them feel brutal, and courageous. Your e-commerce content should provide information about the status of products — whether he is a rocker on a motorbike or a broker on Wall Street.

    As for the general rules, there are several subtleties that should be taken into account by the photographer, so that the product really emphasizes the male features of the model:

    • A man’s position should be a pose with right angles, and vertical or horizontal lines should prevail over the diagonal ones.
    • To emphasize broad shoulders and muscles, ask the model to turn his shoulders to the camera. The hips, on the contrary, should slightly turn away from the lens.
    • In most cases, a man’s eyes should look in the same direction that his face is turned - regardless of whether the model is sitting or standing, you need to pay attention to posture.

Best male model poses for professional product photography

And now, consider the best male model poses for professional product photography:

  1. The man stands straight and holds the lapel of his jacket with his right hand.

  2. In this very simple pose, a man stands with his arms crossed on his chest. With this position, two things need special attention: shoulders should be slightly retracted, and the stomach should be pulled in.

  3. A man places one hand in his pocket and leaves the other relaxed.

  4. If you ask your model to fully or partially stick his hands in the front pockets of his trousers, you are guaranteed to get a natural and relaxed posture, which attracts the attention of customers. There are two options for this pose:

    • The hands are folded into a fist at the level of the belt, and the thumbs are in the pockets.
    • The hand is hidden in a pocket, with only the thumbs showing on the outside.

  5. This pose is not very different from the previous one. A model should throw a briefcase or any clothing over the shoulder while the thumb of the other hand rests on the trouser pocket and legs are crossed.

  6. This is a very simple pose that will make the photo speak loudly. An object in hand (laptop, book or even tools) can communicate the occupation of a man and his status.

  7. The easiest option is to portray a relaxed man (works in photographs for male teen models), sitting in a free pose with his hands resting casually on his thighs.

Have photos taken in a professional product photography studio in Toronto

For professional, bright, stylish photographs of men's clothing, you can contact us at our professional product photography studio stylephotos.cain Toronto. We will take high-quality and stylish photos. We have our own models who will enliven the clothes from your store. Our team of professionals will carefully consider the style of photos and provide necessary suggestions. No matter what kind of clothes you sell, we will put together a photo shoot of your products with models specifically for your target audience.

A few more tips for owners of online men's clothing stores

Do not forget that women and partners most often are responsible for men’s wardrobes. Therefore, you should always have a gift "for the dear wife." The gift should be significant, but it does not have to be expensive. While a calendar featuring your store will not be significant to your customers, a silk scarf of a well-known brand will encourage her to come to you more than once. Better yet, make your store attractive to your customer’s significant other. Then, regular purchases are guaranteed. By the way, with the help of such a gift, you can learn the name of the wife or partner of a dear buyer, and this will facilitate an invitation to a presentation.

  1. Do not skip on advertising. Your store should be known by “word of mouth." Men tend to boast as much as women, but the objects men brag about are much more expensive. You may need a PR manager to help make buying clothes at your store prestigious.
  2. Another sign of status is membership. Make your customers members. For example, you could have the “Club of Men with Great Taste.” If you set up memberships, the following steps are important:
    • Send letters of thanks for your customers. Most sellers neglect to send letters of gratitude. According to marketers, these letters contribute to further purchases;
    • Invite club members to meetings about clothing and accessories. To a greater extent, invitations should be designed for wives and companions of men. Events should also be advertised and covered by the press.
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