Interesting ideas for motion product photography. Best tips for any products photographer

Interesting ideas for motion product photography. Best tips for any products photographer

23 April, 2021
Interesting ideas for motion product photography. Best tips for any products photographer
Web design is not the same as it was ten years ago. The best e-commerce stores turn their home page and product catalogues into art pieces. Perhaps, maybe 200 years from now, the work of web designers and product photographers will be appreciated in the same way as Van Gogh's paintings today. 

A great website should draw the viewer in. The first page should give rise to emotions that encourage the buyer to visit the site. By clicking the mouse, a visitor should enter a new wonderful world in which they feel like they are in the most exquisite boutique in Milan. Today we are going to discuss a specific segment of photography known as motion product photography, which is increasingly used by product photographers and web designers. But, why is it so popular now?

The answer is simple. Motion photos show emotions, time, speed, taste, etc. prompting the buyer to buy your product. If they just see sneakers in the photo, the online store visitor will scroll to the next page, but if they see a running athlete, determination on his face, in the photo, the possibility of buying the sneakers will be improved. The main secret is in a mechanism of memories, the way they work with associations. The brain of a potential buyer will immediately throw him a memory of a run: early morning, fresh air, joy of movement - this is what he feels when looking at the motion photo with a running man. And what do you feel when looking at these photos?

Answer the question - Which product photo will a mother pay attention to when looking for a ballet tutu for her daughter: 1 or 2?

Will the surfer go to the store directory after seeing this photo on the blog?

Of course, it immediately sends the same signal to the brain, against which no surfing fan can resist - waves, ocean, sun and sea wind.

How to take stunning motion photos. Tips for professional product photographer on how to make an incredible banner for the main page

How to show time, speed and emotion? The photographer has just one moment at their disposal. In one frame, a professional product photographer needs to convey not only the details of what is happening, but also emotions, movement, energy, warmth or cold, joy or anger. All this should be present in one image.

Often, with rapidly moving objects, you want to freeze the action and see it in detail. With this style of shot, it is very important to examine the details of the picture and the emotions of the person.

All you need to take such a photo is a camera with good exposure. A good motion photo is not necessarily expensive, but can in fact offer you a chance for cheap product photography that is sure to grab customer’s attention.

Photos in motion, taken with a short camera exposure, are eye-catching and mesmerizing.

Moving photos taken with slower camera exposure are also very interesting. This kind of photo creates magic on the home page of any online store.

Abstract blur pushes our mind into an almost magical way of thinking and encourages us to think about how the model moved a few seconds before last movement.

Ideas for catalogues. Motion photos for sportswear, hobbies, clothes, etc

Of course, there are several segments in which motion photos are most in demand. The first is sportswear. Athletes are people who love movement, play, and emotions. It is important for such people to see all this in the product photo. Here are some rules and ideas for sportswear product photography:

  1. The model should be a real sportsperson, because people involved in this or that sport will immediately recognize and understand who is in the photo. They are more likely to trust someone who has experience, who knows what they advertise. It is, of course, better if the athlete is famous. That will boost sales immediately, but not everyone can afford it.
  2. There is no need to pose specifically as a model. Ask the athlete to move as he or she moves during sports. At this time, you need to take pictures without stopping. This is how you get the best photos, believe me. Like the athlete, simply act. Do not overthink it.
  3. When photographing, the smallest nuances and details should be taken into account. Shoelaces, belts, all those little details. For example, if you are photographing a gym bag, take a motion photo when a young man opens it. If it's a tennis racket, then take a photo of an athlete tossing the ball and directing the racket to hit it.
  4. Strictly keep track of who this sport "belongs to". No need to photograph an adult on a skateboard, the best model for such a product is a teenager.

The second important area where motion photos come in handy is the hobby segment. This covers a very wide range of products, from painting supplies to fishing accessories. Here are some rules and ideas for motion product photography of this segment:

  1. Turn on your imagination and don't be afraid to experiment. Take the product and see where it works best. If you sell easels, take a picture of the person painting behind this easel. Make a beautiful romantic background.
  2. Hobby is for rest and relaxation. These motion photos should be easy and light. A viewer should see relaxation in them. So, create a better pic for their imagination that shows that R & R feel.
  3. Photographs need to display functionality of the product: what it is intended for, how it differs from competing products, what are its advantages. The buyer must understand that they cannot live without this accessory for their hobby, and then they are highly likely to buy this product. By the way, therefore, a professional product photographer should have a good knowledge of the hobby itself. That way they'll know just what buttons to push on the viewer.

Segment 3 is clothing. This is the largest and most demanding segment of e-commerce. We have touched this topic many times in our articles, but we have not talked about motion photos yet. There are also some nuances to consider here. For example, how do you show the softness of cashmere, the warmth of a wool sweater, and the lightness of silk in a photograph? If you take a model, then in the first case she will have to behave relaxed in the photo and smile sweetly, in the second - to hug herself, in the third - to spin around (if it is a silk dress). There are a great many such nuances - they come with experience.

How to work with a model to make a beautiful motion photo?

To make a beautiful motion photo, you need to follow some rules:

  1. First, you should establish what kind of photo you are taking. What emotion do you want to show? Or maybe what’s important is movement, as is the case with sports goods. Think about the feeling you want to make before you get started.
  2. As usual, you need to discuss this with the model. For example, if you are photographing leather jackets, then ask the man to be more relaxed and daring, and if he is in classic suit, then he should behave more restrained and formal. Also, during a conversation with a model, you will be able to understand some of the nuances of their facial expressions, gestures and body movements. Keep these in mind when you take photos. Use the model’s strengths. 
  3. Ask the model to improvise, try taking some subtle photos when they are relaxed. These are often the best shots you will get. Such photographs often become masterpieces in the brand's collection and increase sales.
  4. Take pair and group photos. Sometimes the most effective images appear from them. With a bit of processing these often become the main ones for seasonal collections.

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