Online children’s clothing stores: how to succeed in e-commerce photography of children’s clothing

Online children’s clothing stores: how to succeed in e-commerce photography of children’s clothing

28 June, 2021
Online children’s clothing stores: how to succeed in e-commerce photography of children’s clothing
E-commerce kids’ clothing stores are now experiencing exponential growth. With the fast pace of modern life, it is now much more convenient for people to order clothes online rather than walking around stores with children in a stroller, looking for various brands.

Although clothes for a baby are entirely a parental decision, choosing clothes for a teenager is a decision that sometimes turns out to be even more difficult than launching a space satellite. Because of the reduced stress of online shopping, there is now an increase in site visitors to online children’s clothing stores. Subsequently, e-commerce photography of children’s clothing is becoming more and more popular.

How do you make e-commerce product photography shoot of children’s clothing into a great success

If someone tells you that taking pictures of children is easy, do not believe them, as they have clearly never dealt with photo shoots involving children. There are more difficult factors in children’s photography than in photography involving grown-up models. As much as you would like to get a planned shoot, a photo shoot is always an improvised affair with kids. Young children cannot be forced to pose. Therefore, even the most brilliant e-commerce product photography ideas can be challenging to capture. Be very patient and friendly.

It is better to use burst shooting when the child is especially active, as this allows you to choose the best shots after the shoot. Do not use flash. If you must, keep it to a minimum. Constant bright flashes of light can annoy a child, and if your model is very young, make them temperamental. Be careful when taking photos of babies.

To achieve eye-catching product photography for e-commerce when working with kids, you need to prepare and consider certain nuances

Familiarity. Young models require as much attention as adults. We would even say that they need much more attention. And, therefore, they need to be treated much more seriously and thoughtfully. After all, the mood of the child determines how the shooting process will go. To complete high-quality product photography for e-commerce of a child of any age, you will need to learn more about the child. Ask parents about their child’s interests and use this information to get the child interested in the shooting process.

Props. Of course, you already know that you need to select props in advance so that you do not have to run around the city searching for a needed item. However, when working with children, you need to consider the nuances of props.

Firstly, toys or other objects on the set should be clean, because small children often try to taste everything. Of course, parents bringing props with them is ideal, but not always possible.

Secondly, you need to be aware of the materials of the objects that the baby directly touches. Choose materials that are not likely to cause an allergic reaction in a young child.

Allow for more time. As with any other photo shoot, you need to have time in reserve. Therefore, planning is your best friend. Additional time will help you avoid a feeling of panic during force majeure situations. When photographing children, unplanned situations happen often. For example, a child may not like something, and he or she will refuse to be photographed. In this case, you need to allow for some time to calm the baby and captivate it with the shooting process.

Posing. Most importantly, do not force children to pose. Instead, take pictures of children doing something. Captivate them with a game or conversation. When the child is distracted from the camera, it will be much easier for you to catch a beautiful shot.

Product photos of baby clothes

Lighting. When photographing babies, avoid bright lights, flashes, etc. Particularly bright flashes can annoy any child. Instead, make the lighting soft and calm so that the baby is comfortable. Soft lighting will help you get excellent product photos.

Background. Although small children are attracted by everything bright and unusual, it is better not to overdo it with very flashy details when choosing a background. The abundance of shades that are too bright can annoy, and the child can become capricious and uncomfortable. For commercial photography, it is best to use a neutral white background.

Angles. Take close-ups. Often, children are much better at such shots than adults. Remember that the child does not need to be photographed from above all the time. Sit down. Adjust to the height of the model. Shooting from above often spoils the proportions, and your shots will be unusable.

Props for infants. These are incredibly diverse. You can use small, knitted hats, scarves, socks, and beautiful blankets. And remember that any prop that the child touches must be clean and made from safe materials.

Let the parents bring the child’s favourite toy. This will help young children in particular, as the toy will make the child feel comfortable.

Show all aspects of the clothing and all  the details.

Product photography for e-commerce when shooting older children and teenagers

With older children, everything is more complicated. Schedule a photo session with the child at a time when the model is most active. Children get used to a particular regime. Product photography for e-commerce with such children is, in many ways, the photographer acting as a psychologist.

It is necessary to inspire confidence in a young model, and make the child interested. Therefore, think in advance about how you can attract the model’s attention. This will make the shooting process much easier for you.

E-commerce videography for online children’s clothing stores

E-commerce videography is a real trend today. Many online stores are already using this tool to promote their products. If you make a video of a charismatic child in bright clothes, then sales will immediately increase - this is a fact.

How to make high-quality videos? First, define your target audience. Your customers are not only teenagers but also parents. Therefore, teenage models should be funny and cute. Work with charismatic models who enjoy acting. A smiling red-haired boy will look much more effective than a modest one. A smiling, sweet girl with freckles will attract more customers than an annoyed and tired one.

Second, explain to the models as plainly and clearly as possible what you want from them. Speak to them in their language. Ask them to imagine that this is not a very serious and super-important job, but just a game - let them have fun.

Third, talk and ask questions. This way, you will be able to capture the desired expression. If you want to catch a serious and thoughtful look on their faces, ask them a serious question. If you want to record a smile, make them laugh – tell a couple of jokes.

Commercial videography allows you to show children’s clothes from all sides, so let the child spin, put on, take off the jacket’s hood, or somehow interact with the outerwear. Be creative, be friendly, and be professional. Try to follow these suggestions, and you will get successful content done!

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