Photographing costumes at Comic-Con. Professional product photography for catalogues and online stores

Photographing costumes at Comic-Con. Professional product photography for catalogues and online stores

15 November, 2021
Photographing costumes at Comic-Con. Professional product photography for catalogues and online stores
Comic-Con represents an entire culture that grew out of humble beginnings with the goal of bringing comic book lovers together. There are now about 40 different conventions in the United States alone, all similar to the very first Comic-Con, which is now known as International. International takes place in the city of San Diego.

Every year, millions of fans of Star Wars, Marvel comics, DC, Bubble, all kinds of anime, Game of Thrones, and Fear the Evil Dead, among many others, flock to a range of Comic-Cons all over the planet. Like the passionate fans they are, they prepare well in advance, creating a specific image to include the smallest details, and they sew themselves into stunning costumes or buy their favourites in online stores. In many countries, this costume culture is in its early stages, greeted with enthusiasm by fans, while in countries like Canada and the United States, it has existed for a long time. That is why we decided to write an article about how to take professional product photography of Comic-Con costumes, as it is the future of the entertainment industry, and selling costumes on Comic-Con’s online store is a financially beneficial opportunity for anyone. So, let’s get started!

History of Comic-Con. What’s the deal with Comic-Con?

One of the world’s first Comic-Cons was held in San Diego in 1970. At that time, it was called the Golden State Comic-Minicon. It was held in the suburbs of San Diego and was organized by comic book fans Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger and Michael Thawry. Comic-Con International, which currently takes place in San Diego every year, is now the largest convention in the United States and Canada.

Among the speakers at the first Comic-Con was illustrator Jack Kirby. He created the Hulk, Captain America, X-Men, and many other characters for Marvel. Even before the first convention, Jack gave the organizers important advice: go beyond comics, make the event about all types of media, expand the horizons of science fiction and fantasy, as well as genre films and TV series. Later changes helped turn Comic-Con into a truly massive event, attracting fans of video games, anime and horror movies, alongside the original comic books, as well as attracting the attention of the whole world. From 150 to 200 thousand tickets are sold annually for this event. To get a glimpse of new movies, comics, video games, and other important convention events, people literally stand in line for several days in advance, setting up tents. Excitement is very high, as is the attention from Hollywood movie studios, gaming giants and comic publishers.

Comic-Con has allowed ordinary fans outside the entertainment industry to get involved in what they love, something which was previously unthinkable on such a large scale. Convention guests are the first to learn of new movies, promotional materials, take part in autograph sessions with the stars, talk with their idols in panel discussions, snap pictures, and attend various presentations.

What is a cosplayer? Product photography with models for Comic-Con online store costumes

Comic-Con is where cosplayers gather – these are people who completely transform into specific characters with the help of costumes, make-up and accessories, creating a picture-perfect copy. Don’t be surprised, but once you enter the convention hall, you will find yourself in a fantasy world where Han Solo can dance with an anime fairy, and Harry Potter might hug a Viking. Cosplay is an expensive hobby, though. The right costumes cost a lot of money, and creating them from scratch requires perseverance and painstaking work. Conventions often offer cosplayers a free visit – all they need is a cool costume. Sometimes, in addition to this, excellent prizes are given for the best costumes. As you can imagine, the demand for unique costumes from online stores is constantly increasing. Product photography with models for cosplay costumes is a very creative and fun activity, but it is also challenging.

Here are the main things you will need to pay attention to:

  • The costumes are often very detailed, and so any photographs must be clear and show off all the costume’s intricacies. Not to mention, luminous accessories or glittering fabrics are frequently used when creating a costume. To take a photo without light spots, you need to correctly set up the light or use daylight, prepare a suitable background (preferably white) and set the correct ISO settings (we recommend setting it at 100-200).
  • The model must be involved and understand what mood they should be portraying. If you are taking a photo of a Princess Leia costume, then the model must have an innocent look, a sweet smile – a princess-next-door look. If you are taking a photo of Queen Cersei’s outfit from Game of Thrones, then you would expect her to look arrogant and domineering. All these specific character traits should be understood and suggested by the photographer as well since they photographers a re the main artists in the process.

Here is how to present the clothing in a catalogue:

  1. The costume can be beautifully decorated by adding accessories. If you are photographing a female model in a Viking costume, for example, then give her a haircut like Lagertha’s from the TV series Vikings. Give her an axe like the one worn by Björn from the same series as well.
  2. Take a photo of the costume from different angles so that a potential buyer knows how it will look from every possible angle.
  3. Include details. Shoot all the little details of the costume so that a visitor to your online store wants to touch it. For example, show a close-up of the embroidery on clothing or the scales of knightly armour. Imagine that you are a child and ask yourself what you would be most impressed by. Take pictures of this particular part. It works.
  4. Make interesting and funny videography for the costumes in your online store catalogue. 

E-commerce videography for online store catalogue. Think about how you’d do it for a triangle from “Squid Game” or Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones” 

We have already talked a lot about e-commerce videography in our blog: about the advantages of this tool and how it affects sales, and how marketers worldwide are constantly improving this tool to achieve ever-higher online sales. If you use e-commerce videography for unusual products like Comic-Con costumes, this is a terrific platform for expression for both actors and photographers. How, for example, can you make a video of a model in a costume of a triangle guard from Squid Game? Let him confidently enter the frame, stand solidly on both feet, and then dance like he’s at a club in the 2000s. It’s cool! Customers will love it!

How would you shoot Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones? Of course, the most popular idea would be the costume from the first series, and for that, there must be a wig. The model can portray a majestic, proud princess, and at the end, suddenly smile with the most charming smile in the world.

All kinds of warriors, Vikings, knights, Geralt of Rivia, or Ragnar Lothbrok should, of course, be shot in video clips of fighting with swords, tabars, or magic staffs. You can create a video of two warriors fighting on a white background in a studio. Use your imagination and get creative!

Best Toronto Product Photography and E-commerce Videography in a modern photo studio

Comic-Con in modern culture is not just a large-scale event. It is a place where like-minded people can meet and get to know each other. In our modern studio, we understand all the nuances (philosophy, uniqueness and charm) that should be taken into account when photographing such complex but interesting products as cosplay costumes. If you want to order these types of photographs in Toronto, then product photography created by our professional photographers will do nothing short of amaze you. Here’s what we do:

  1. Professional product photography with models.
  2. Professional product photography without models. In this case, we photograph the costume on a mannequin and then process it.
  3. E-commerce videography with or without a model.
  4. We also make 360-degree photos with or without a model.

All our photographers are passionate and talented, and they will take totally unique photos of your products. You can order professional product photography for Comic-Con costumes from us, or you could come and take these photos yourself with our unique photography machines, which we will describe further below.

Unique photo machines for Comic-Con costumes in Toronto

Comic-Con costumes differ from other options for their thoughtfulness and detail. For example, a Joker costume will include not only the main set of clothes but also a clown nose, wig, and boots. We have separate machines for all these items. Let’s be more specific:

  • Live machine for large objects or people. With this machine, you can take photos of costumes with models or without – just on a mannequin, if you like.
  • Eclipse machine for small accessories. With this machine, you can take photos of shoes, unique hats, knightly gloves, elven bows – in general, all accessories except for jewelry.
  • Horizontal machine for flat lay photography. With this, a photograph is taken of clothes unfolded on a flat surface.
  • The Alphashot machine is designed for jewelry. This unique device is for photographing jewelry specifically. Here you can take beautiful photos of a princess’ necklace or the cloak clasp of the Witcher.

All these machines are already set up, and with them, you can take thousands of photos in one day and immediately send them all by e-mail or share across social networks. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or make a call. We will answer all your questions!

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