Product photography in Toronto

19 June, 2019
Product photography  in Toronto
StylePhotos is the best company in Toronto, which is specializes in product photography. We create high quality photo and video content for the commercial brands and offer our customers many advantages thanks to using the StyleShoots professional photo and video equipment.

StylePhotos is the best company in Toronto, which is specializes in product photography. We create high quality photo and video content for the commercial brands and offer our customers many advantages thanks to using the StyleShoots professional photo and video equipment. Our company has abandoned the “classic” way of photographing the goods in favour of the all-in-one method with a revolutionary idea: product photography and videography without a photographer. We bring your vision to reality.

The specialty equipment is made for the e-commerce studios, and their mission is to facilitate the shooting process in all aspects. Using the all-in-one system to create product photography is the most important advantage of our company. Therefore, in this article we will discuss the benefits of such automation tools with key features and advantages compared to a traditional studio setup.

The StyleShoots machines have been successfully tested by the studios and brands all over the world. Now there is no doubt that using this equipment is the best decision in  product photography and commercial shooting. So, the professional system is, on one hand, efficient and cost effective solution and, on the other hand, is just indispensable studio setup. We understand this and offer you not only our services, but also a possibility to rent our shooting tools and equipment. 

Our goal is to help you to reduce photography and videography costs, to save your time and increase the quality of your visual content. Here at StylePhotos we do everything in order for your  business to be improved. Therefore, creating visual content, using the special StyleShoots equipment, is the main way to achieve this goal.

Speed. Quality. Consistency.
Cheaper. Faster. Better.

Incredible design

All-in-one machines are equipped with the inbuilt backlight, embedded Mac  computer, software, tablet, motorized movement of camera and table, as well as latest Canon cameras and more in order to support you at all stages of the photo and video production. Such design will allow you to save a space in the studio and use it with the maximum efficiency.

Receiving a large number of files

It is important to mention that StyleShoots professional equipment allows customers to receive more content. If you use specialty shooting machines, you will be able to increase the daily amount of the photos and videos output compared to a traditional studio setup. Thus, the output of your content will be enhanced, and as a result, the content production rate will be boosted by several times.

Cheaper than traditional studio setup

Furthermore, such product photography installation offers the users lower cost per image. As a result compared to the traditional photo studio setup, the all-in-one solutions let you reduce the expenses for the shooting process. So, you will save the money on the additional equipment and also minimize the time of models, stylists, etc. This applies not only to the photo content, but also to the video production. Remember, that creating high-quality imagery is much more affordable and accessible than people are used to think. Our rates allow small designers and companies to use our services  at a fraction of what  other studios charge in the industry.

Easy to use

Speaking about the benefits of using the professional machines for creating visual content, it is important to talk about the convenience of using automated equipment. Our systems provide easy to use solutions with a friendly user interface. You will be able to cope with the commercial e-commerce shooting even by yourself. StyleShoots studio setup is designed for extreme ease of use. Training and learning how to use the machines takes roughly half an hour.

Saving the time

Equipment allows users to work continuously. You can achieve this due to the special features of the device. Regulate the light, control the shadows, sizes and format just with a few taps on the iPad. You will be able  to review the  photo and video content immediately on the machines. Sort the content in a hasty manner. Export files right away.

The high quality of image

Devices are designed according to the latest trends in the product photography. That is why StyleShoots machines provide the incredible quality of the photos and videos in  1080P and Live machines supports 4К.

Sales growth

Thanks to using the professional equipment for shooting the goods, you will get much more engaging content for the customers. According to the case studies conducted by the manufacturer, he average increase in sales is 24 % due to better quality of the product imagery and videography.

Absence of the post-processing

The StyleShoots machines are equipped with the best tools and instruments, that is why you will get high quality photos and videos, which require very little editing. Due to this setup you can use ready presets, configure the options and parameters, remove the background and so on. Moreover, post-processing is done automatically and in  real time.

All-in-one technology

Professional shooting equipment offers its users a turnkey solution. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the traditional studio setup. Only the upscale tools and instruments ensure the trouble-proof production. The StyleShoots machines were created for the fast shooting process and to save time - and we are proudly offering our photo and video  services to customers  located in Canada.

The total automation

The special studio setup creates and edits the photos and videos automatically. Post-processing that usually takes up a few days, takes less than several minutes with the StyleShoots installation for the product photography. The automated features in the software reduce even the time of exporting and publishing on the Internet. Your content is ready for the web immediately.

Variety of the shooting equipment

We offer a wide range and different types of the professional tools for creating the photos and videos, including machines for shooting the footwear and clothes, the models and mannequins, as well as horizontal/flat lay photography. StylePhotos offers tits customers everything they need. Live shooting is widely used for the live model stills and videos. Various templates and  presets are available to customers that ensures consistency and high quality. By using this system, you will be able to take both still pictures and live modelling videos for your brand. Horizontal System is used for flat-lay photography. This method of creating visual content lets users remove the background of different objects instantly, without any need for post editing. Eclipse System is the best solution for shooting photos and  videos of small products, for instance, accessories and footwear. Each angle will be captured.

Solutions provided by StylePhotos are a completely new approach to the product photography and videography. These special devices for shooting commercial brands have superior advantages compared to the so-called “traditional” studio setup. Professional machines for e-commerce studios are designed for creating the outstanding photo and video content in a cost effective and consistent manner. All-in-one and easy to use. Made with care. Built for business.

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