Product photography in Toronto

26 August, 2019
Product photography in Toronto
Internet commerce is growing rapidly. If you want to organize an online store or at least a website to advertise your products, then you will definitely need huge quantities of good pictures of your products.

Innovative Photography Techniques — Unprecedented Photo Quality

E–commerce is growing rapidly. If you want to organize an online store or a website to advertise your products, then you will definitely require large quantities of high–quality images of your products. Moreover, pictures of the goods should look as attractive as possible and at the same time they must demonstrate certain features that matter to buyers.

Creating product photos and videos is a special kind of art

Taking a high–quality, attention–grabbing pictures of a product is not an easy task. Each detail depicted in the photograph should have an important meaning. This implies that the photographer must know how to set thelighting, camera angle, focus points and many other nuances.

The surrounding color is also very important. It should help customers remember the brand, as well as evoke positive emotions in them.

Thus, the photographer must carry out the following tasks:

  • to show the general view of the goods;
  • to emphasize important details;
  • to create a positive mood;
  • the logo necessarily has to be demonstrated.

It is evident that if you take photographs with traditional cameras, it is very difficult to achieve high quality, even if the photographer is an excellent specialist. In addition, we must remember that products often arrive in large quantities, and the work must be completed as quickly as possible. All this makes it more challenging to perform the already difficult task. In addition, the cost of high–quality photography may be too high.

If you take photos of goods in a do–it–yourself way, then their quality will be low, and customers will get a wrong impression about the product. And this is a direct path to losses, since if the image does not evoke a positive feeling, then the buyer most likely will not want to buy goods in this store.

StylePhotos Canada – is solving the problem of obtaining high–quality photographs and videos efficiently, and in a cost–effective manner

Even a small online store may have a large number of SKUs. And all of them need to be photographed so that users can see precisely what they are offered to buy. In addition to photography itself, there is almost always a need for additional image editing. These services also cost money. Therefore, when you sent a request for a quote to a traditional photo studio, the cost of just one photo can easily exceed $50. And if you need to photograph about a thousand different products, the cost of such a service becomes so high that store operation loses its profitability.

Only by utilizing innovative technologies we can help to cope with this problem, and StylePhotos Canada just has the necessary resources. Stylephotos invites everyone to take advantage of the unique equipment with which you can very quickly create the highest quality pictures and videos of products. You can rent this equipment or allows Stylephotos do the work for you.

StylePhotos Canada removes all obstacles

StylePhotos Canada photo and video equipment operates so efficiently because its creators experienced not so long ago all the difficulties that owners of online stores encounter when they urgently need to photograph a collection of goods. Pricing in the industry proved to be quite excessive and such photographs were in demand by several hundred companies at the same time. Collections of goods should be regularly updated, and it turned out that the lion's share of profit would end up in the pockets of photographers.

The solution was simple: if you want to have photos at a reasonable price, you need to do them yourself. Equipping a small photo studio is a simple task, but then difficulties of a different nature arose. If you want to photograph a product so that it looks as attractive as possible for buyers, you must be a professional photographer. If you are not a professional, then your photos will be of poor quality, and the product will look unattractive.

So, it was necessary either to urgently master the profession of a photographer, or to invent equipment that would make the profession of a photography much more effective. Styleshoots specialists did both, and as a result they created unique equipment that allows high–quality images and videos of products to be created in an automated manner.

In short, StylePhotos Canada provides users with the following benefits:

  • very high production speed of high–quality photographs and videos;
  • very low cost of photographs videos;
  • useful tips on how to take beautiful, creatively composed photos.

How does StylePhotos Canada equipment work?

StylePhotos Canada makes the photo and video making process fast, efficient, and inexpensive. The results are outstanding.

All the equipment and software are a unique development by StyleShoots experts. Stylephotos Canada rents Styleshoots’ equipment out, and also takes orders for the production of photographs and video materials.

StylePhotos Canada offers three different systems for taking pictures of different products:

  • the system for photographing flat objects;
  • the system for photographing and creating videos of live models or large objects;
  • the system for photographing and filming small objects.

The system for flat objects takes great photos of products like hardwood,  tiles, or books, as well as objects which are not that flat. We are talking about clothing.

The system can take photos of your object on a "transparent background" option, and then you can insert your product on any background during further editing of photos. Background removal is automatic.

Convenient light control allows you to make perfect lighting even if you are taking pictures for the first time in your life. You do not need additional spotlights, as the system is equipped with special lamps that provide any level of illumination, as well as highly realistic color reproduction. Light control is managed through an included iPad. You do not have to rearrange the spotlights from place to place or change the lamps. In order to achieve the lighting that you need, you just have to swipe your finger across the iPad screen.

The system creates a realistic preview of the picture. That is, you can see exactly how your photo will look like.

The machines export files in all the most popular formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF or RAW, and you can instantly post them wherever you need.

If you need to photograph shoes, glasses or similar items, then StylePhotos Canada can suggest using the latest machine in the lineup – the Eclipse. This is a comprehensive miniature shooting pavilion; it significantly accelerates the process of creating high quality photographs and videos. It allows you to instantly change lighting, backgrounds and props.

StylePhotos Canada machines produce content at incredible speed. In just one day, you can take more than five hundred magnificent shots that are already fully ready for further use and do not need additional editing. The robotic camera produces files completely ready for export.

You can create your own templates, and this will further speed up the process of taking pictures and filming. You can immediately export all footage to your computer and then the internet.

If you choose StylePhotos Canada, then you do not need any additional equipment to create outstanding photo and video materials. You do not need to buy anything, you do not need to connect and coordinate additional pieces of the puzzle. Each StylePhotos Canada machine has an integrated lighting system, its own computer, software and controlling iPad. The machine is fully prepared for the production of high–quality photographs and videos, and it can immediately export them to your computer.

Today, Styleshoots photo and video equipment is a huge success worldwide. It is used for photography by eminent companies and brands. This equipment creates content for:

  • Multi–brand Retailer Maxi Sport — its website features over 30,000 different products. To fill and quickly update such a gigantic catalog, Maxi Sport chose Styleshoots equipment, as it is the most convenient for such work.
  • The largest American online store Zulily, with its main page visited by more than 700,000 users on a daily basis. It needs to upload thousands of images on a daily basis, and Styleshoots machines allow them to achieve these results.
  • Advertising Agency CONVYR created by a professional photographer Timothy Hogan. The studio is located in downtown Los Angeles. It provides a full range of visual content, and Styleshoots machines do most of the work.

Companies that use StylePhotos Canada almost immediately notice a significant increase in sales. Every year, more and more companies use services of StylePhotos Canada, allowing them to create the highest quality visual content with minimum efforts, time and money.

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