Product Photography Pricing: The Important Details

Product Photography Pricing: The Important Details

4 March, 2021
Product Photography Pricing: The Important Details
Are you preparing a photography project for a product you sell online? Are you still unsure of the entire concept of product photography pricing? Are you worrying about budgeting for your project?

Are you preparing a photography project for a product you sell online? Are you still unsure of the entire concept of product photography pricing? Are you worrying about budgeting for your project?

If so, this article is for you. In it, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pricing for product photography. We will also help you build an accurate budget that accounts for all the necessary costs. Here’s what you need to know!

The Importance of Product Photography


Video content is 40 times more likely than other content to have engagement on social media. According to Invespcro, customers return about 22% of goods they buy online because 'things look different from images.'

The idea that good product photography plays a major role in increasing revenue. It’s why most eCommerce experts argue that how much to pay for product photography is less important. Instead, the goal should be to seek excellent product photography that comes at a corresponding price to that of your product. 

You can’t take future clients to a camping site and show them how fantastic a backpack you are selling is. Neither can you show them how comfortable it is. You will express this feeling primarily through your photographs.

Within nano-seconds, perfectly clicked, pleasant and functional product images can attract interest from consumers. Thus, the odds of making more sales increase. 

Pictures talk more loudly than words! Let’s be honest, it can be tedious to read all the text or product descriptions. Typically, users skimming through multiple websites have little time and patience.

Excellent product photography can solve this problem for you. With pictures from different angles or while the product is in use, you can describe your products to a prospective customer.

How Product Photography Pricing Works


There are three main ways to determine product photography pricing. You can go the route of pricing by the hour. Alternatively, you may decide to price by the product or image. The choice is up to you.

Pricing by the Hour


Charging every hour is the first and most popular cost model of product photography.  This is essentially paying for the time of the photographer. Furthermore, it is an easy way for the photographer to calculate their approximate prices. Thereby, giving you a simple photography rate for the product.

However,  the amount of time it takes to capture several products can differ. Ultimately, this depends on the photographer’s skills and the product you are looking to capture. 

In a worst-case scenario, getting great pictures of a product may take several hours. Therefore, for this type of pricing structure, it is difficult to budget the cost of product photography.

Pricing by the Product


Another popular product photography pricing structure is paying for the product. This depends on the complexity of the product you are photographing. You may be able to demand different types of photographs for various situations. Unfortunately, a plethora of possible downsides also come with this pricing model.

It ensures that you have no control over how many pictures you will get. Hence, you may end up getting fewer images than you expect for the price you pay.

The photographer can take more images than they first intend to take. Eventually, this will create difficulties for the photographer. Finally, the lack of time constraints means that the quality of the results can be inconsistent.

Pricing by the Image


Paying for the photo is paying for the number of pictures you want. In varying lighting conditions and backgrounds, photographers will usually photograph a lot of different images. Beforehand, they will inform you of the potential price of a single picture. Then, you can make an order by choosing the number that works for your budget. 

This pricing model for product photography helps you Hence, this is an excellent way to manage the number of images you purchase. This product photography pricing structure is easy to financially handle. Furthermore, if you believe the photographer will do a decent job, you can pay for more pictures.

You will be asked by service providers to identify how many products you need photographs for. They will also ask you for the product categories, image views as well as the type of angles you want. The overall number of photos that are necessary will determine the overall cost of product photography.

Main Factors that Affect Product Photography Pricing


There are a lot of different factors that affect product photography pricing. Each one can make the cost of taking product photographs go higher or lower as the case may be. 

Project Location


When preparing for product photography, there’s a decision to make on where you will photograph the goods. It may be at a custom location or in the photography studio of the service provider. 

The cost of hiring product photography services will differ if it takes place at the service provider's studio. Similarly, photography projects that happen at your place of choice will have separate price mechanisms.

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Image Use


Product photographs are not only useful for your online store. Alternatively, you can use it for advanced marketing purposes such as high-end print ads. How the photographs of the items are edited can affect the final use of the images. If you require customized marketing pictures, expect to pay much more per image.

Product Number for each Category


The price of the picture is inversely proportional to the number of products in each group of products. You may have an extensive range of items in a single category. Therefore, the photographer will set up a single product and easily film multiple products. This is equivalent to a lower per picture price.

Conversely, the photographer may have to adjust the camera as well as lighting setups. This occurs if you have few items per segment. Constant changes to the set will also slow picture-taking speed. Hence, you can expect product photography pricing to be higher per photo.

Type of Product 


A big factor impacting the product photography pricing is the type of goods that require imaging. If the items are small and basic, photography and editing will be relatively easy. An example of this is a coffee mug. Here, the price per picture will be more affordable.

They will be much more difficult and slower to photograph if the items are big and bulky. Examples of these are furniture or sports equipment which will cost more per shot.

Image number per Product


It will take a considerable time for an expert photographer to get a product in the optimum position for shooting. This can include the time for unboxing, assembling, cleaning, positioning, adjusting lighting and more. Therefore, this extra work can contribute to why product photography can be so expensive.

It takes less time to obtain additional photographs. You see, the first successful image means the product is primed and ready for product shots. Hence, the average rates per picture are lower especially when you need more images for each product.

In a nutshell, the above factors greatly influence product photography pricing. There are additional factors and considerations as well. These are:

  • Size of the Product
  • Weight of the Product
  • Assembly of Product
  • Set Requirement
  • Specialty Images
  • Image Editing

Average Prices for Product Photography

Here’s a breakdown by product:

Number of Products

Average Price

0 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 20


21 to 50


51 to 100


101 to 200


201 to 500


501 to 1000


Over 1000


By each image:

Number of Images

Average Price

0 to 10


11 to 30


31 to 60


61 to 100


101 to 300


301 to 600


601 to 1000


1001 to 2000


2001 to 4000


Over 4000



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The Cost of Product Photography is Worth It 


Product photography goes a long way in catching the attention of customers. Therefore, understanding product photography pricing will enable you to know how to maximize its potential. By now you are now familiar with the factors that determine adequate product photography.

Now that you are more versed with product photography, it’s time to pick the right service provider. Here at Style Photos CA, we provide product photography services at affordable rates. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to capture all your products.

If you have photography skills, we are also willing to rent out photography equipment to help you take the best product shots. Contact us today!


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