Product Photography Studio

Product Photography Studio

29 April, 2020
Product Photography Studio
An online store is an extremely convenient business that can be managed from any part of the world and earn substantial profits, allowing one to make a good living to support a family. Due to the annual global increase in online stores, product photography studios — which enable stores to improve the quality of their content — are providing their unique services to help retailers better serve their online customers.

Product photos are an essential part of every online store. Studies show good quality photography is even more important that peer reviews for a given product.

Quality of photos play a critical role in an online store — how neat or attractive the product looks in the pictures has a substantial effect on whether the potential customer will make a purchase or move on to the next item or even store. Therefore, virtually all companies both small and large, invest a significant amount of capital in photo and video content.

Why do a product shoot for your store, instead of copying images from other mediums?

Some online stores make real mistakes which costs them money and at times reputation. We can prove to you that doing a photoshoot in a product photography studio is better than copying the photos from other sites.

Some online store managers think they can:

  1. Take similar photos from competing stores. However, this is considered as copyright infringement. The penalty for each stolen photo can vary from $100 to $500, according to the discretion of the judge. This legislation truly works, and the only proof that the copyright owner needs to display is the source files, which will result in you getting substantial fines.
  2. Use images from the manufacturer’s website. Some disadvantages of this option: all photos will be the same, and copies of these pictures will be used by most stores working with this manufacturer. Also, search engines prefer sites that host unique materials (texts, photos, videos, etc.). If you work with a large number of suppliers, your online store will become a site with many merchandise photos that will vary in their quality and style of execution. This will turn off the customer and prevent them from purchasing. Finally, the quality of this type of imagery is subpar, with very standardized and low-quality content.
  3. Hire a freelance photographer to take photos of their goods. Any textbook in the series “How to Open a Successful Online Store” will advise you to hire a freelance photographer to conduct the product shoot in this situation. This may seem like an easier way, but the authors of such books seem to live in a parallel reality where everything happens in “the right way”. But in real life, everything is much more complicated. Freelance photographers also charge quite dearly for their services; they do not always have the necessary talent, or equipment and the photos you pay for may not be of good quality. This is a lottery, and assuming so much risk, especially in the initial stages of a business, can lead to severe financial losses.
  4. Take photos yourself. To do this, you need to have the necessary set of skills and knowledge. If your store’s assortment contains hundreds or even thousands of different items, then probably, you will need to hire a photographer or organize an entire photo department.

A professional product shoot in a properly set product photography studio will help you avoid many problems.

Product Photography Studio with Special Equipment

Today, online retailers prefer to lease product photography studios with special equipment than take photos themselves. Why? Because taking a photo is not an easy process. At first glance, it seems simple — we just place the goods and take a photo using standard room lighting or, if there is insufficient light, we turn on the camera flash. Then we post the image online — and that’s all! Sales increase! Just kidding — it's not that simple.

What will the potential buyer eventually see if you take a photo without special equipment? He will see an unrecognizable shape with an inaccurate colour photographed against a plaid sofa, parquet, linoleum, etc. Your creation could be aptly captioned with the slogan, “objects in the photo may be of higher quality than they appear.” The selling value these photos provide — if not worthless — is almost non-existent. Everything is inadequate — the quality of the background, the light of the living room, and the glare from the flash. By taking such photos of your merchandise, you might as well be working for your competitors.

If you want to hire a photographer, think again. You will have to hire a full-time photographer, and if you have a large sales volume, several photographers. And you must buy all the equipment for them, and that’s tens of thousands of Canadian dollars. Just think; you will need cameras, lighting equipment, background, and lenses. Do not forget about the models for clothes you need to hire. At the same time, you need to monitor the store and site, take orders, and deliver the merchandise. In such conditions, the speed of placing a new product online with high-quality photographs will increase your sales of these goods — your profit.

How to Take a Winning Photo

A winning photo, which increases your sales, must meet several criteria:

The item should be in focus; this goes without saying. But if you look at even two dozen small online stores and commercial blogs, in half of them, the pictures will be fuzzy.

The colours in the image should match the true product colours, and they should not scream things like “yellow lighting”, “sunset glare”, or “bad camera”. The glossy silver colour of the photographed item should not appear as dull lilac; none of your customers are interested in your problems.

The entire item should be featured in the picture. If you think that the photograph of individual elements will increase the attractiveness of the product — take those shots, too. But a photo of some part or element is permissible only as an additional one.

Always use a solid low-key background; avoid checkered plaids, variegated bedspreads, and everything else that creates a lurid picture and distracts the eye from the merchandise.

STYLEPHOTOS Photography studio in Toronto — With Professional Product Photographers

Our product photography studio offers you a simple and effective solution. With us, you can receive a turnaround time that no other studio can offer. You can order photos from us, or you can also rent machines in our photo studio for up to eight hours a day and take photos yourself.

STYLEPHOTOS Product Photography Studio specializes in quickly and efficiently taking photos and videos of high quality. We have four machines:

  1. Live machine for model photos: Just switch on the machine to take a picture or a video. You do not need to adjust the light, pick up lenses, etc. Everything is done for you by our professional team.
  2. Eclypse: Unique machine for small items (accessories) and footwear photography and videography. The camera movement allows for every angle to be captured. You can shoot still photos and custom videography that includes 360-degree product videos.
  3. Horizontal machine: All-in-one solution for flat-lay photography. It provides incredible still photos — with or without backgrounds — in various file formats. It is an ideal solution for fashion flat-lay stills and flat products.
  4. Alphashot: All-in-one macro photography studio. This unique machine was invented for making great packshots, such as 360° spins and videos of watches, jewelry, and gadgets.

We provide professional photography services in Toronto to all our clients, and we have not only professional photographers but also models. All our experts have extensive experience working with models; they know how to take winning photos for your online store to help you increase your profits.

STYLEPHOTOS Product Photography Pricing

Today, due to the popularity online ecommerce, many new services and professions have appeared. We provide a new service in the product photo and video market: product photos and videos created with special machines. You will not have any more lighting problems or spend time searching for the right product angle. Everything is already set up for you. All you need is to send your products to us or rent a studio from us with the machine you need. A price list can be found here on this page.(

The development of equipment, professional preparedness, and employee expertise in our photo department provide us with substantial competitive advantages in the product photo and video services market. Please contact us ( today to increase your sales by wowing online customers with winning content.

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