Product videography: What is it and how does it work?

17 September, 2020
Product videography: What is it and how does it work?
Product videography is the leading trend for online e-commerce today. People prefer to look and perceive information visually. Therefore, using video for selling is a guaranteed key to success.

Why do I need a 360 view video in my online store?

Having a 360 view video gives a lot of advantages for your online store.

One of the main advantages a potential buyer will have is the ability to examine the product as if they were seeing it in person. This is an advantage for two main reasons. First, during these uncertain times, consumers prefer flexibility in how they shop (in-store vs. online) but want to feel as if they have seen the product  they want to purchase in person. Second, an online store with video content will quickly gain trust and loyalty of customers versus one that simply uses photos and product descriptions.

Your potential buyer watches the video and will accordingly spend more time on your website- a factor which is taken into account by search algorithms. Consequently, your site will move higher in search results.

Using video provides you with an edge over the competition. Not everyone is using this powerful marketing technique. Therefore, if a person is given a choice - to go to a site with high-quality detailed videos or to a similar site without them - the choice will be obviously in favour of the first one. This is why your website traffic and the number of potential customers will grow.

A good, helpful video provides you a with better chance of selling your products. Why? It is psychologically easier for a person to buy a product that they have seen from all angles than one that is represented by one or several photos. A customer prefers to spend time watching videos of products leading to more time being spent on your site and increases in the conversion of your online  store. Additionally, the description of the video can be optimized for SEO performance through the use of keywords and deliberate titles and descriptions of the page.

One of the greatest benefits is that good video reviews reduce the risk of product returns. Why do returns usually happen? Because there is a mismatch between the client's expectations and the product’s real appearance when it comes in the mail. If a person sees all of the features of a product in a video, they will be able to imagine having and holding that product and know for sure whether they want to buy it or not. That is why there will be significantly fewer returns.

How to do a 360 video?

The rule is very simple - you need to show the product from all angles, describe its advantages, and show it from all sides. Remember that the main purpose of the video is to answer all of the questions and objections of the client and encourage him  or her to buy the product.

A product’s video should be a short story for the consumer: shoot a short video to display all of the qualities of the product, without missing a single detail. Do not forget about design, main characteristics, and properties. If the product has component parts, then they should also be added to the 360 view video, so that the viewer does not have additional questions.

In our photo studio in Toronto, you can also shoot e-commerce photography or 360 view video using special machines.

E-commerce photography and 360 view video on special machines in our photo studio in Toronto.

First, let's talk about the advantages of shooting e-commerce photography and 360 view videos with our machines.

Each machine is a multi-platform content powerhouse.

You get a high-quality video and incredible stills in a few seconds. You can have multiple videos for your products from just one day of work – much more than if you shot in a usual photo studio. All of these videos will be of excellent quality and in the format you need.

Within minutes you can export auto-edited and formatted video and stills that are ready for e-commerce sites, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

You also can download a special application for your iPad where you can manage the content you create.

We create e-commerce photography and 360 view videos using specializes equipment. You can rent these machines and take these photos and videos yourself or order the shooting of your products from our specialists. Let's talk more about our machines.


Live machine has a 4K capable Canon EOS camera inside, so you will get exceptional quality for both stills and videos. Notably, you can create stunning photos and videos of your models in minutes with a single all-in-one automated setup.  Automatically exposed light, pure white background, various settings for video that can be changed instantly - all this makes the work process faster and the videos of higher quality.

This smart, fully integrated camera system tilts, zooms, moves, and slides to get amazing videos. With the Live's proprietary Style Engine, the camera setup intelligently works alongside the user.

Your videos and stills can be formatted to a style you preset, so all photos will have the same ratio and dimensions. Then, using an iPad Pro, you can check and export  your content to be used online.

Moreover, videos can be completely different. You can shoot a live model showing clothes in live mode. For example, a man who spins on his own axis.

You can show how a certain product needs to be assembled. For example, how a folding chair is assembled.

You can do a simple automatic overview, as seen below.

Live machine is a kind of studio that will save your time and show all the beauty of your products on live models. Customers agree, it is much more interesting to choose a blouse when you see a model wearing it rather than just seeing a photo in the online store.


Eclipse is a machine designed for photographing and making 360 view videos of small items such as shoes or accessories.

Videos made on this machine will demonstrate  not just running shoes along the 360-degree axis, but from all possible angles: from above, from below, from the side. Videos will be colourful and attract more buyers, because a buyer will be able to imagine how these sneakers match their tracksuit if they see the full video of the sneakers. This is very important for a potential buyer.

As an example  take a look at this video.

It is very easy to work with Eclipse.You simply design your own video presets and let the machine do the work. Without any efforts you can capture photos and video of all your products.


360-degree product videos can be done for something as simple as shoes, accessories or commercial van lights. These videos could later be converted to a 3-D photo. If the product can stand on its own we will be able to create a 360 video of it. Finally custom videos with movement are available as well.

Jewelry videography with Alphashot Micro.

Jewelry videography is a separate section that requires a special approach. Glare and shadows make jewelry difficult to photograph and film. It is very important to show these kind of products as they really are, without darkening or illuminating them.

Our Alphashot machine is an automated product photography system with a unique background removal feature. This machine can make static 2D product images, animated 360-degrees presentations, and videos for jewelry.

How does it work? You just place any jewelry in the center. Choose automatic light parameters and shoot the video. Thanks to the unique function, you can make many videos and photos of different jewelry in the same style, suitable for your online store.

What videos can I shoot with Alphashot machine?

Videos you shoot with the Alphashot machine are amazing. The jewelry is shown from all angles, you can expose any light you want (however, a soft light is best for jewelry). The macro lens on the camera of the machine is high quality and allows you to capture excellent videos.

Product videography today and tomorrow

Today, in an era when people are busy and nervous about shopping in person, online stores are gaining special importance. In the coming years, as predicted by world experts, competition in e-commerce will grow immensely. Over time, new ways will be invented to attract customers. For an online store now, product videography has the same effect as a Starbucks glass allegedly had when it was left in frame by the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones Episode 4. It's up to you to decide whether you will make this brilliant move now and will shoot product videography for your online store and get bigger profits or if you’ll be left behind in the industry.

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