Professional product photography and product videography for your advertising campaign. How to increase conversion rates?

Professional product photography and product videography for your advertising campaign. How to increase conversion rates?

21 October, 2021
Professional product photography and product videography for your advertising campaign. How to increase conversion rates?
Everyone who works in online marketing knows how expensive it can be to pay for a targeted user click, and getting those clicks is getting more and more expensive. Despite the broad capabilities of ad networks and dozens of different placement formats, the cost of conversions does not stop growing, and, of course, the question arises—why?

The fact is that there are so many ads that internet users have adapted and simply do not notice them anymore. This phenomenon is called banner blindness. Therefore, you need to come up with something new and creative and use new trending tools such as modern professional product photography and product videography to attract potential customers to your online store.

What images should you choose to make them stand out and overcome banner blindness?

The product image is what captures the viewer’s attention and moves them away from reading an article, looking at posts, or just mindlessly scrolling down their feed. If internet users ignore your image, then the text, the targeting, the landing page, and the advertising campaign you worked on have been wasted efforts.

Here are the basic guidelines to follow when choosing an image for your ad campaign:

Originality. Do not copy images from your competitors—this is the road to failure. Instead, you can add something new to their photos or even create your own, unique pictures! You can take ideas from others, but your ads should be made in your own, distinct way. Even the most creative CTR quickly fizzles out and becomes boring, especially if you are working on the same SEO and with the same traffic source as your competitors. Therefore, originality is crucial.

Photos of products. If you are working with products, it is worth taking photos using different interpretations and user scenarios. For example, watches and branded clothes show themselves perfectly in conjunction with other status symbols such as expensive cars, money, expensive wines, etc.

Use emotional photos. Since your primary aim is for a person not to scroll down their feed but to stop at your ad, you should learn how to create an ad that evokes an emotional response. The range of emotions you can work with is quite broad: fear, anger, and envy; passion and attraction; and astonishment, surprise, and intrigue.

Why is it important to evoke an emotional response in consumers?

People are designed so that emotions always register faster than common sense. Therefore, if you want consumers to pay attention to your advertising image, you need to speak to their emotions. So, what are the best emotions to use in ads?

Fear. It should be clarified here that this should not be a photo of a dismembered corpse or a shark eating a surfer! An image that will elicit an emotion can simply be a person who has fear, anger, or envy on their face.

Passion and attraction. Of course, seductive pictures attract both men and women. Everyone knows it! But there are some differences. A woman in an image does not have to be half-naked; she can just be attractive and well dressed. Such pictures are more likely to attract male consumers aged 25 and over (this is one of the target groups for many businesses). If we talk about a man in the picture instead, it does not have to be a muscular Tarzan in a loincloth; it can be a man in a premium car. Women pay attention not only to handsome men but also to successful ones.

Astonishment. If consumers see an attractive woman or man with a surprised look on their face, they may well click on the ad since their subconscious will tell them that they need to check what is so wonderful or surprising about this product. The look of surprise must be mixed with delight.

Use art images. Sometimes, these images can produce massive CTRs. It all depends on the product. Typically, cartoon characters work well in advertising images for the gaming industry and for attracting the attention of teenagers. Likewise, an attractive woman in the art style (for example, from comics) attracts potential customers too.

Choose colours carefully. The psychology of colour is a whole science that highly qualified internet marketers happily use. The fact is that some colours attract consumers while others provoke the opposite response. Without understanding the psychology of colour, you will waste your time and money.

The influence of colour on user perception

The main colour in an image is decisive. This is because each colour has a different effect on a consumer’s subconscious and influences their decision of whether to make a purchase.

  1. White is a symbol of purity, freshness, and safety. On the picture, which is dominated by white, the user feels calm and relaxed. But if the image is of poor quality, then the consumer will associate it with laziness and indifference. This colour is well suited for offers related to medicine and weight loss.
  2. Green is a symbol of health, freshness, and nature. As the colour green is also associated with renewal and rebirth, it can also be used for offers related to medicine.
  3. Red is associated with strength, passion, and energy. It also perfectly stimulates the appetite. Now you will remember, for sure, an advertisement for a pizzeria or McDonald’s with a predominantly red colour. A person who is looking at the colour red has a higher heart rate. It is a great choice for advertising lingerie, for example.
  4. Black is considered a premium colour. It is associated with strength, authority, and power. This colour demonstrates a man’s superiority over others and is great for clothing, cosmetics, and various goods for men.

Images should be different for consumers in different countries. It is important to understand that if an image was taken for the Thai market, it would not necessarily give you a good conversion rate in Canada since people’s tastes, principles, and mentality vary across cultures and countries.

Product videography to promote your product. 360°-view video to catch the attention of consumers

Internet users spend over an hour a day browsing videos, so product videography can be a great way to promote your product. Several video formats can be used to promote a product successfully. The main places for such product videography will, of course, be your website or landing page, video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and your company social networks accounts.

  1. Product reviews

    Most internet users prefer to watch product reviews before purchasing rather than reading product descriptions. When promoting goods and services online, good marketology should be taken into account: the more complex the product, the more important it is to show all its characteristics. In the product overview, you can show the unpacking of the product, a description of its appearance, functionality, technical features, and the advantages of using this product over similar products.

  2. Blogger review

    A blogger is an opinion leader in their sphere of interest, and this is an easy way of reaching your target audience. This is why partnerships with video bloggers are a great way to showcase your product to a broad, loyal audience.

  3. Video instructions

    Educational video content is just as popular as entertainment. Even if your product has clear printed instructions, turning them into the form of a video will not be superfluous—this is an additional success factor for your product’s promotional campaign.

  4. Interview with an expert

    To build trust in your brand, it’s helpful to involve experts in promoting your product. Like blogger reviews, videos with expert participation should not be too pushy or too targeted toward selling. There are two excellent options for such interviews: interviews about the product’s features or a master class on its application. This will show viewers that you are aware of trends in your niche and know how to get the most out of them.

  5. Customer feedback

    It is important to remember that for nine out of ten online orders, the purchase decision is made after reading the reviews. People read the customer reviews and look at posted photos and videos before deciding whether to buy the product.

  6. Video ads

    Video ads are specialized ads that promote your product. When creating a promotional video, a team of professionals works best as they develop a concept, write the script, hire actors, and shoot professional product videography.

360°-view video: innovative virtual reality technology

Did  you hear about the 360°-view video? This revolutionary format immerses a person in a plot with varying degrees of interactivity, where they control the viewing angle at will. The effect of presence, which is created when watching a 360°-view video, is actively used by marketers. They know that a live story, an engaging storyline, and an immersive experience help to reduce the distance between the seller and the consumer. One of the communication formats that allows you to do this is living storytelling that breaks down barriers between a potential buyer of a product or service and a company.

In addition to mono and stereo, 360°-view videos use spatial audio. To record this kind of audio, microphones are placed facing in different directions and, depending on the turn of the head, the sound moves from one speaker to another. Thus, the effect of presence is greatly enhanced.

Video stories in the 360° format are used by major beverage manufacturers such as Red Bull and Coca-Cola to advertise their products.

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