The fashion world pushes boundaries and fashion photography too

14 May, 2021
The fashion world pushes boundaries and fashion photography too
Gone are the days when only petite models desired by fashion photographers. The world is changing and already cosmetics are advertised by the mother of Elon Musk.

Today, models of all shapes and forms have are as popular. Fashion photography is now a tool that pushes the boundaries of acceptance of the human body in all its natural beauty.

Body positivity and the fight against ageism. The role of fashion photographers in this fight

The 21st century is the century of freedom. People are tired of frames and stereotypical thinking, they want to feel they are beautiful not only at 20, but also at 30, 40, 50, and even 70, years old. People want to stop worrying about being the right shape and size, instead, they want to live a life full of joy and love. Various social movements aimed at breaking stereotypes have been organized all over the world, and they are helped by extraordinarily creative fashion photographers, whose main task is to see beauty and convey it to other people, share new ideas, and show us new ideals in all aspects of human life.

Body Positive Movement and new trends in commercial photography

Back in 1996, young Connie Sobchak and Elizabeth Scott organized the Body Positive Movement. This helped overweight people accept themselves and stop feeling a need to cave in to public opinion. Now body positivity has become a full-fledged social movement. Its main principle is to love your body as it is, and respect the bodies of other people; of any shape, size, and skin colour.

The direction of commercial photography has changed a lot lately. Now there are many very unique models who are very much in demand by world-famous brands and have millions of fans. We are talking not only about plus-size girls, but also  albino models or models with unusual skin pigmentation. All these individuals do a wonderful job, because they are not shy about their body, but rather are proud of their appearance. Other people look at them and also start to live the wonderful joyful life of an ordinary free person.

We have prepared a selection of plus-size models and less-mainstream models who do not match the traditional model parameters, but amaze with their beauty, sexuality and, grace.

Tess Holliday

The most popular American plus-size model weighs 155 kilograms. But this did not stop her from appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Tess has enough fans – just on instagram, she has over 3 million followers. As a girl, she dreamed of becoming a model, but a modelling agency refused her, saying that with a height of 164 cm and extra weight, she would not be able to become a model. However, in 2010, curvy models became popular. Plus size m models began to appear on the covers of magazines and in commercials, and Tess appeared in the popular Vogue magazine. Thanks to photographs posted in a popular magazine, she became popular. In 2015, the modelling agency MiLK Model Management signed her up on contract.

Irena Drezi

This 22-year-old model can often be seen in advertising campaigns for the PrettyLittleThing brand. Posts with her photos collect a lot of positive comments; words of admiration and support. But, it wasn’t always this way. Drezi had difficulty accepting her body for many years and suffered from eating disorders due to self-doubt. Now Irena is glad that with her work she can help other women to love themselves, because she herself knows very well “what big girls go through”.

Ashley Graham

This woman, about whom the whole modelling world speaks, had to deal with a lot of complexes as a child. But now, Graham is clearly not ashamed of her body.

Celeste Barber

Most people have probably seen this woman’s funny parodies of pretentious photographs of stars at least once. As a comedian, Celeste has won the hearts of fans not only with humor but also with her sincere cheerfulness.

Shooting for Tom Ford, solo comedy tours, a photo on the cover of InStyle magazine - she achieved all this solely due to the fact that one day she decided to show herself to the world as she was.

Winnie Harlow

At the age of four, Winnie Harlow was diagnosed with a rare skin condition; vitiligo. It is a chronic condition where white patches appear on the skin. However, it was this feature of her appearance that helped her become famous - she went down in history as the first model with areas of depigmented skin. In 2014, Vinnie took part in the show "America's Next Top Model", and since that time she has been working  with global brands including Victoria's Secret, Zac Posen, and Marc Jacobs.

Paige Billiot

Plus-size actress Paige Billiot has a huge birthmark on her face that had depressed her for many years. However, in later years, this lady was able to become famous thanks to her "problem". Today, Paige is not shy about a birthmark on her face. Paige participates in various photoshoots, where her birthmark has become a real highlight.

Amal Sophie

Amal Sophie is from Russia. Amal is a modern model with albinism. He has a very specific appearance, which society was not always able to accept. However, Amal actively participates in photo shoots, maintains an active Instagram presence, and has many fans.

Photography for products with different age models

Let's consider what ageism is. In a narrow sense, it is discrimination against people on the basis of age. In broad terms - the creation and broadcasting of stereotypes about people of a certain age. It's not only about people over 50 or 60, it's also about teenagers and children. Today, fashion photographers are challenging stereotypical thinking, making photography for products with different age models.

A striking example of this is Elon Musk's mother, May Musk. This courageous 73-year-old woman boldly declares that she can be a popular model at any age. She has worked as a model for 50 years and has appeared on the covers of famous magazines including Time.

Modern studio photography is only for modern talented fashion photographers

Modern studio photography requires a special atmosphere and a place where only modern fashion photographers work. If a photographer cannot see in which direction modern fashion is moving, they are not able to understand the beauty of this world in the most unexpected things and people. In that case, they have no place among professionals. A masterpiece cannot be created without changing stereotypes. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo became so famous and created their masterpieces because they found new trends. What can we say about the 21st century, when everything changes with the speed of lightning and a modern fashion photographer must pick up new trends, turning them into a masterpiece? Do you know that models can be found in the most unexpected places?

10 years ago, one more extraordinary top model appeared in the world – a man from China turned from a beggar into a national sex symbol and a famous top model. He was captured by a local amateur photographer, who then posted the photo on the Internet. An extravagant outfit, coupled with long, unkempt hair, stubble, and prominent cheekbones, made Chen an idol on the World Wide Web. He was named "China's Sexiest Tramp".

This was at a time when the hipster movement became popular. The image of a homeless person became popular on the catwalks and in magazines. Thanks to this sudden popularity, the former homeless man was in demand as a top model, and now receives many offers from advertising companies. There is even a film about his extraordinary story, which was released in 2011.

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