What are the advantages of Studio Automation?

13 October, 2019
What are the advantages of Studio Automation?
No matter how you create content, whether you do it yourself or you pay writers and photographers to create it for you, you want to achieve the same goals. Every content manager or owner of an online store has three main objectives.
  • To speed up workflows
  • To produce high quality content (everyone dreams of fantastic growth in Google metrics), and
  • To reduce costs

If you try to achieve these three goals without automation, the end result will always be the same — you will sacrifice one of these requirements in order to achieve the other two. That is the truth. Unfortunately, when you work in a traditional way, you can only achieve two of those goals at a time. 

But we have a solution — automating the process. Automation isn’t a new trend. People everywhere around the world are automation experts already.

We want you to let you in on a secret — it’s not so difficult to achieve these objectives. You pay a lot of money, attention, and time for the workers you have. Automating working processes can make your life a whole lot easier, help to generate profitability right from the launch of your sites, and avoid some problems down the line.

The winners take it all - the cool content, the increased workflow speed, and the reduced financial costs. There are some famous brands, such as HEMA, who have implemented efficient technology in their studios, saving important resources every year. Since content production is a critical, continuous process, they saved lots of money.

Many people are very negative about studio automation, but they don’t need to be. Rest assured, automation is nothing new. You have been living in the world of automation since you were a child. Just look at all the things around you. You are awakened in the morning by a preset alarm. You don't brew coffee on the stove, you press a button on an automatic coffeemaker. You don’t write things on paper, you use your laptop. All this is automation that you use every day.

The primary advantage of automating any process is that you save valuable time. Your mechanical assistant will do all the repetitive tasks for you! Despite the benefits, there is still some resistance against automation based on the idea that the future will be full of robots, driving unemployment rates. The reality is, asa many jobs become obsolete, new ones appear — industries even. Years ago, we would have been unable to imagine many of the jobs we have today, many of which are driven by our technological progression. The same is to be said about our job market in the future. 

The solution we offer your business isn’t about replacing people's skills. It's about making things more organized and efficient. It’s about helping people use their resources at a higher level of productivity.
To make breathtakingly exciting content, you still need to have someone with a creative mind on your team. If you create content and you have all the workers you need — photographer, content manager, writers, rewriters and copywriters – but nobody on your team has the ability to create those eye-catching photos and texts, your online store won’t be competitive. Even the most modern gadgets won’t help. By helping your workers function more efficiently, you can save their time and give them an opportunity to be more creative.

Futurologists say that automation will happen despite people’s hesitations. The industry of e-commerce will be no exception. Since it is inevitable, perhaps you should ask yourself: 

How can I save time and resources by automating tasks that are easily automated?

Answering this simple question, and realizing the great opportunities to make your business and its workflows more comfortable for you and your staff, will help put you at the top among the companies in your sphere. Being a pioneer and ahead of the trend will help you gain a competitive edge, allowing you to continue to operate in today’s highly competitive markets. 

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