What Is The Cost Of Product Photography In Toronto?

What Is The Cost Of Product Photography In Toronto?

14 January, 2021
What Is The Cost Of Product Photography In Toronto?
One thing you want to know as a business owner is the cost of product photography. This is because the world has become a fast-paced one with technology cutting through many areas. One of such areas is eCommerce, a method of selling products and services online. 

One thing you want to know as a business owner is the cost of product photography. This is because the world has become a fast-paced one with technology cutting through many areas. One of such areas is eCommerce, a method of selling products and services online. 

If you run a product-based business, you need to have online visibility. People have to be able to view your products online. More importantly, they have to see these products in the best light. Product photography is an aspect of photography that addresses this need.

With product photography, you can present your products in a way that reflects the authenticity and function of your product. This kind of photography helps your potential customers to find your products attractive. 

Interestingly, there are so many photographers in Toronto. So, you don't have to worry about not getting the right one. According to the National Household Survey, over 70,000 photographers are employed in Canada.

However, you do have to pay a product photographer for their unique skill sets. This is why questions like how much does product photography cost need answers. With this blog, we’ll be providing the answers you’re looking for. In it, we’ll explore the pricing for product photography in Toronto. Keep reading to learn all the important details.

The Need for Product Photography in eCommerce 


Is the cost of product photography worth it? If you’re a business owner with one eye on the product margin, it’s likely you have pondered this question. Here’s why you need to pay the cost of product photography.

The eCommerce industry is hugely competitive regardless of the niche. There are so many customers skimming through the internet in search of the products they need. Oftentimes, great pictures may be the difference between you and a competitor. 

Up to 90% of online shoppers say that picture quality is a defining factor in whether or not they will make a purchase. So you see, there’s a need to pay attention to how you take pictures of your products.

In the same vein, you may be wondering why you need a product photographer when you can capture your products using your phone. The simple answer is that your phone cannot deliver high-quality images like a photographer would. The best product photographers in Toronto use the latest photography equipment. They also have the expertise to capture your products in a way that attracts the target market.

More so, many eCommerce platforms have certain specifications for their product images. For instance, on Amazon, the image has to be in Amazon's format, use the CMYK or sRGB colour mode, the image should not be linked to other texts, among other things.

Experience also matters. Product photographers are specialized in this area, and many of them have rendered photography services to several businesses. This way, they have the experience, and they know the best strategies to create stunning results that will give value for your money. 

So you see, there are many benefits to hiring product photographers. However, this service comes with a price. So, let's dive into it: how much does product photography cost?

What Is The Cost Of Product Photography In Toronto?


E-commerce product photography has different rates. Typically, depending on the size of your project, product photography in Toronto can cost as low as $100. However, this number can quickly run into hundreds of dollars. 

The amount you pay the photographer depends largely on how they render the service. You can pay by the day, image, hour, or per product. This variation in the way a photographer can charge you is a relevant factor when it comes to pricing. Here’s what we mean.

Cost of product photography by the hour


If you are paying by the hour, you should expect the product photography rates to be within the range of $25 and $500, depending on the photographer rendering the service. If you have different needs across various products, payment by the hour may be the right choice. 

However, the problem is that you may not know how many hours you need. As such, you may end up spending more money than your budget. Therefore, estimate the number of hours necessary for the job and make sure it aligns with your budget.

Cost of product photography by the day


You can also choose to pay for product photography on a daily basis if that will serve your needs better. In this regard, you should expect pricing between $300 and $3000. This is the range you'll get depending on factors like the experience and portfolio of the photographer.

Choosing daily payment is a smart way to manage your expenses. To maximize this payment type, you need to ensure that you will need a full day for photography. 

Daily payment helps you to make calculations in line with your budget. Since it is more definite, you can be sure you're not spending more than necessary. Before starting, you can request an estimate on the timeline for the project.

Cost of product photography by images


Another method of payment is by paying based on the number of images the photographer takes. You can choose this method if you are looking to be specific about the expenses you incur. Since it's based on images, you do not have to worry about the time spent, but the images produced.

Here, the product photographer will provide the rates for each image. You need to note that there may be a need for more than one image per product. Take this into account when calculating your expenses.

Often, the price you'll pay on each image will stand somewhere in between $10 to more than $400. It all depends on the expertise and experience of the photographer. So, you'll have to negotiate with the photographer to fix the exact price that fits your budget.

Cost of product photography per product


This is the fourth and final payment method that photographers often offer. You can get the photographer to charge using this model if your products are similar. With similar products, the photographer doesn't have to spend too much time. Similarly, the photographer doesn't have to use various pieces of equipment. As such, the photographer can estimate the time and effort for the job.

If you are using this method, understand that it is advisable you have a lot of the same hope of products. With this type, the more products you have, the less you will have to pay for product photography. Generally, the average rates fall within the range of $20 and $80. 

Factors That Determine Product Photography Pricing in Toronto 


Various factors account for the cost of product photography in Toronto. From the previous section, it’s easy to see there are variations and ranges in the prices. This means certain factors are responsible for the shifts and ranges.

Photographers experience


To estimate the cost of product photography in Toronto, consider the experience level of your prospective photographer. For expert photographers, their rates are often on the high end of the spectrum.

The highest level comprises the top professionals who charge somewhere around $500 per hour. The chances are that you may not need this level of service. So, you may not have to go for it.

The next level comprises the professionals whose rates fall around $300 per hour. This set of photographers also charge nothing less than $75 per image. Photographers in this class have a significant level of education and large portfolios in photography. These photographers are professionals because they have years of experience.

The next level comprises the amateur photographers who charge about $50 per image. These photographers also charge about $100 per hour. Photographers in this class do not have the required formal education, but they have some experience.

The last level is for beginners and hobbyists. These are photographers who are just starting out with little experience. They charge about $50 per hour and between $10 and $25 per image. While they may deliver results better than DIY, they cannot give the level of quality a pro will.

Number of products


If you're paying per product, the number of products factors into the product photography pricing. Usually, the more products you have, the more likely it is you can get a package deal. As far as product photography goes, package pricing can help you save money in the long run.

Independent photographers vs full-service studios


You can choose to work with independent photographers or full-service studios. For independent photographers, there is more flexibility, as you can negotiate the rates. Typically, independent photographers are also more affordable when compared to full-service studios. 

To cap it off, the following tips can help you hire a top product photographer:

  • Research the best photographers in your area.
  • Get estimates from the photographer.
  • Work with referrals from friends.
  • Read reviews on the photographer or the studio. After all, many photographers now display their works and skills through social media. 

Final Thoughts


Understanding the cost of product photography is essential to your overall bottom line. As a business owner, you want to make smart and informed choices that will best suit your business and budget. In light of that, you should only go with affordable product photography that converts prospects into customers.

Here at Style Photos, we can help you create amazing product images and videos. We do it all at affordable prices too. In fact, to help you save money, we invite you to rent our machine and take control of the process yourself. Get in touch with us today!

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