What is the Cost of Product Videography in Canada?

What is the Cost of Product Videography in Canada?

8 February, 2021
What is the Cost of Product Videography in Canada?
Often, you will get different answers when you ask about the cost of product videography for your eCommerce business. Asides from varying product videography rates from studio to studio, other factors may affect the pricing.

Often, will get different answers when you ask about the cost of product videography for your eCommerce business. Asides from varying product videography rates from studio to studio, other factors may affect the pricing. This range in pricing can be frustrating, especially if you're trying to come up with a budget. 

One factor that affects the cost of product videography is how short the video is. Typically, the length of the video may jack up the price you have to pay for product photography. However, in some rare cases, the length may not be the reason why the cost of product videography is so high. 

Not to worry, we’ll break down the pricing for product videography in Ontario into smaller bits. 

This article discusses all you need to know about the cost of product videography. We will also explain how varying factors can affect product videography rates. Let’s go!


Cost of Product Videography: Factors That Determine Video Production Pricing

Typically, the cost of product videography in Canada starts out at about $200. However, this figure can quickly rise to thousands of dollars depending on premium additions.

There’s no disputing the fact that product videography can be hugely beneficial for an eCommerce business. After all, these videos can be a huge marketing tool. Usually, the cost of product videography is worth it when you consider the lifetime possibility of revenue from selling the product.

However, here’s why you may have to pay so much to take videos of products for your business:

Filming location


Getting the best result for your video production rests on not only the crew but also the location. Whether you choose to film in a studio or on-location, base your decision on the most suitable location. There is no doubt that shooting on-location may attract extra expenses such as permits if you're shooting in public places. You may also spend more time offloading production equipment and getting to the location.

On the other hand, one advantage of shooting in-house is that you have more control over the environment. You don't need to bother about any weather condition, distractions or noise. However, shooting on-location is hugely recommended if you want to add authenticity to your video. 

In the end, shooting product videos on-location is more expensive. However, it adds authenticity and content that may be necessary to sell certain products. 

Sound effects


Music greatly influences the mood of your audience. If you feel a need to add to the product video, music is a great option. Sound effects can greatly move your product video from uninteresting to captivating. 

Despite these advantages, if the music you use in your video is bad, the entire video will come out bad. Hence it becomes important to use quality sound effects for your product video. 

A product video without music and sounds may seem cheaper, but the result may not be what you desire. Although it influences the cost of product videography, adding music to your video gives it a marketing edge.

Production time and value

The production time is a big determinant of the cost of product videography. The number of days you spend shooting your video determines how much production will cost. Depending on your product video concept, the professionals may need to spend days or weeks producing your video. If your video isn't a complex one or doesn't require travel, they may spend a shorter time shooting your video. 

While it’s a good idea to save money, to get the very best, it's better not to rush the process. Rather than focus too much on the production time and cost, focus on the value. Typically though, the longer it takes, the more the pricing for product videos.

Video length


The length of the video has a great influence on product videography pricing. Although many believe that the shorter the video is, the less expensive it will be. This isn't entirely true. One thing that dictates the video length is the platform where people will view the video. 

For instance, if you're shooting an ad for YouTube, your video will have to be about 30 seconds to meet the requirements. However, if it's an instructional video, it can be as long as 8 minutes, depending on the video's content. However, the quality and detail that will go into shooting product videos for a 30-second ad will be a lot. Sometimes, product videographers in Ontario may factor this into the overall pricing.



If you want your video to have subtitles in several languages, you'll need to pay more. You'll have to hire translators and perhaps narrators proficient in the language. It can be very time consuming to edit multiple languages, thereby increasing the cost of video production



If you're looking to save money on the cost of video production, using an in-house team is always a good idea. However, prepare to spend more if you hire actors or even voice-over artists to voice your script. Using your team saves you money and also gives your company credibility. Also, it gives your company a face.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with actors, your budget will need adjusting. If you're using renowned actors for your product video, you should also prepare for the expensive charges. It's always better to decide on the talents you'll use while coming up with a budget.

Production equipment


Don't just go with the lowest price you get simply because you're trying to save money. For your product videos to come out great, you need the best video production company. The thinking here is that they not only have an experienced crew but also the right equipment.

Additionally, if your product video requires a lot of equipment, be ready for the extra cost. For instance, if you decide to use three different cameras for your shoot, there will definitely be a price increase. Also, don't forget the lighting. The different light types you use will impact the cost of product videography.

Make-up and catering


Make-up is an essential part of product video shooting. You'll want your talents to look good and also presentable. Aiming for these will attract extra cost as you'll need to hire a professional make-up artist and a stylist. One thing to consider when hiring a make-up artist is that their level of expertise will influence the pricing.

Additionally, during the shoot, especially if it's on-location, you'll need to provide food for the crew. The cost of catering services will impact your budget. You may not get the best out of your crew if they are hungry, hence the importance of catering. 

Video Production: An Investment Rather Than an Expense


Often, we focus on how much it'll cost to make marketing material like product videos. However, it is important to consider it an investment as opposed to an expense. 

Investing in product videography can scale your business in the long run. You may not get the dividends immediately, but your product video will keep selling products for a long time. 

Additionally, having videos on your website explaining the services you offer or products you sell can increase your conversion rate. If you're looking for ways to double your sales, invest in product videography.

Conclusively, product videography is more of an investment than an expense because it can help you generate leads. If you're aiming for success, why measure that success in monetary value? Find a reputable product videography company and discuss your budget with them. 

Other benefits of product videos include:

  • It increases the level of trust customers have in your products 
  • Product videos have no expiry date. As long as the product specs do not change, they can work for marketing purposes 
  • Over 60% of consumers use product images and videos as a criterion for making a buying decision. 

To Wrap It Up


Where you choose to film your video often determines the overall cost of product videography. On-location is often appropriate for most products. However, it's important you consider the travel cost and other permit fees you'll have to pay. Also, having your video in different language subtitles means extra cost and extra production time.

In this blog, we have established that you can take videos of your products for as low as $200. However, based on the factors we have described in this blog, this pricing can quickly shoot up.

In the end, it all depends on your budget and the estimated ROI for a product video. If it’s for an important marketing campaign, paying higher for product videography will be a worthwhile investment. 

The key thing to remember is that product videos have to turn out great. You want high-quality videos that will tell the story of your products. This is where Style Photos comes in. 

We offer top-notch product videography services in Canada. We also offer the option to rent our equipment. Contact us to discuss your options today!



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