Fashion product photography in Canada and the United State

High-quality photographs can substantially increase the sales of fashion products on the internet. It is important not to cut costs on photography sessions, but contact specialists, for it will have a direct positive effect on your sales. We at Stylephotos offer our services in creating high-quality fashion product photography. Our professional photographers will make your product photographs visually striking and stunning.


Fashion product object photography has many particularities and nuances known only by professionals in this field, such as:

1. Choosing the right angle

Fashion product photography for catalogs needs the photographer to show mastery in choosing the angle for a good photograph. The specifics of choosing such an angle directly depends on the type of a photo. All close-ups are usually angled, so that the resulting image is more impressive and memorable to the target audience.

2. Aligning photographs.

A good photograph needs the camera and the surface to be aligned horizontally at least 95%. This requirement is not critically important, however. Generally, any imperfections can be ironed out during the retouching process using special software, but it is still best to follow the rules when making photographs.

3. Photo design.

Professional photographers position the product in the center of the frame, so that the main attention is focused on this specific object. Many sites require photos to be of certain dimensions. This also needs to be considered during the photography process and should be communicated to the photographer. In addition, there are various requirements concerning different specific clothing items. For instance, long clothes have to be photographed vertically.
Fashion Flat Lay

4. Respecting symmetry.

Any professional object photographer will confirm that in order to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the object photographed, you have to choose the right proportions. Visible asymmetry on the other hand, can lead to discomfort when viewing the photographs.

5. Editing product photos. Editing fashion product photographs can correct various imperfections and mistakes made during the initial photography session. However, it is crucial to understand which nuances can be edited via retouching, and which cannot. While editing, you have to consider:

  • The particularities of having the product positioned on a mannequin or a surface.
  • Whether the dimensions and format are the same for all photographs.
  • Whether the lighting is the same for all photographs.
Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge on the topic, making amateur product photos, you significantly decrease the probability of the product being bought by your target audience. High-quality fashion product photography can only be provided by a select few studios. We at Stylephotos are one of the leading companies on the market of object photography for commercial purposes in various online stores and on social media. The work of our photographers will turn your products into stunning, memorable brands, substantially increasing your sales.
Photo Editing:
Basic Editing
  • Image Cropping
  • White Balance Adjustments
  • Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
  • Vibrance and Saturation Adjustments
  • Background Removal
  • Visible Wrinkles Removal
Advanced Editing
  • Skin Retouching
  • Colour Correction
  • Reflections
  • Colour Matching
  • Product Shaping
  • Jewellery Editing
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