Shoes and footwear product photography in Canada and the United State

Appealing and memorable footwear product photography can greatly increase your online product sales. Stylephotos studios offers you its services in creating high-quality footwear product photos. We will emphasize all the advantages of your products thanks to the work of professional photographers with substantial experience in the field of object photography. Footwear product photography is considered one of the most difficult genres of object photography, and it has several particularities, such as:


Here is a selection of our work showcasing all the possibilities from a shoot with our company.  Check out our work and see the best of what we do in making your products look great.

1. Working with a model

If you want your photos to attract the most attention possible from your audience, you have to opt for working with a model to make your footwear product photos. While involving a model leads to additional costs, the profits will definitely cover them. Model photography allows potential clients to better visualize the product. Such photos make the viewer involve their imagination in considering how the footwear product will look when worn by them. Statistically, model footwear photography results in 80% more audience interest than standard photos, and the sales dynamics are more than two times higher. Consequently, don’t try to save time on the work of models when making footwear product photos designed for commercial purposes.


2. Choosing the right angle

During the footwear product photography process, it is crucial that the right angle is chosen for photos. If you are not a professional photographer yourself, it will be fairly difficult for you to choose the angle that works best with your product. Only an experienced photographer with substantial knowledge of the object photography field can make truly high-quality photos of your footwear products.

3. Setting up the right background and lighting

Choosing the right background is necessary for creating stunning, appealing photos. For footwear product photography, it is best to use lighter tones. Consider choosing a white, a light-grey or a light-pink background. Artificial lighting is best: it requires special equipment available only in photography studios.

4. Editing the resulting photos

The most important stage of making photographs is the editing stage. Symmetry must be maintained in every image. The footwear item must be in the center of the frame, with every last part of it visible in the image. Photographs that are sloppy will hardly attract potential clients. Various sites have differing standards for the parameters of photos accepted on their respective platforms. This nuance must be communicated to the photographer, so that they choose the right dimensions and format of the images. Editing photographs after the initial photography session is equally important. At the final stage of the work, the photographer looks for minute imperfections and removes them: mostly, this stage concerns the lighting, the format, and the dimensions of the photographs.
As you can tell, a good photography session of your footwear products can only be achieved by a professional in the respective field. The Stylephotos team offers you the opportunity to get high-quality photographs of your footwear products. We employ only professionals. We guarantee the quality of every photo our employees make. In addition, we guarantee that our photos will increase your sales.
Photo Editing:
Basic Editing
  • Image Cropping
  • White Balance Adjustments
  • Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
  • Vibrance and Saturation Adjustments
  • Background Removal
  • Visible Wrinkles Removal
Advanced Editing
  • Skin Retouching
  • Colour Correction
  • Reflections
  • Colour Matching
  • Product Shaping
  • Jewellery Editing
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