Commercial product photography of sex toys: nuances, perspectives, and interesting details. Taking photos of adult toys for an online store of intimate goods

Commercial product photography of sex toys: nuances, perspectives, and interesting details. Taking photos of adult toys for an online store of intimate goods

10 August, 2021
Commercial product photography of sex toys: nuances, perspectives, and interesting details. Taking photos of adult toys for an online store of intimate goods
Today we want to talk about a popular, but in some countries - forbidden – topic: the commercial product photography of sex toys. There are still people who are afraid to discuss this topic and are completely unfamiliar with the world of sex toys. And, to be honest, they miss a lot in their lives.

Because, with the help of these intimate products you can not only bring variety to your sex life, but also improve the relationship with your partner, exploring and experiencing a whole new range of intimate moments. Online shopping for sex-toys is a very profitable business. It's not hard to guess why - people prefer to order sex toys online more often than to go to buy them in an adult store.

Why do online-stores need high quality commercial product photography of sex toys?

It’s a pity, but not everyone is even aware of exactly what sex-toys look like. Many who hear the simple mention of the use of toys in one’s sex life have a reasonable question: “Why do we need such things?”. The answer is simple -  for pleasure. At the moment, there is such a huge selection of sex toys that absolutely everyone can find something that can interests them. High-quality commercial product photography helps a customer to clearly see and understand whether this product suits them and their partner or not.

Important rules about how to take product photos of sex-toys

The assortment of products offered by specialty adults stores is amazing. It can be very difficult for someone who is just starting to introduce toys into their intimate life to navigate among the huge selection. First of all, it is worth deciding on the scope. Do you need a toy to get new sensations during sex with a partner or are you looking for something for your personal pleasure. If you already know the particular erogenous zone and type of stimulation then it’s time to get started looking at the options that might suit you. It is always useful to pay attention to customer reviews, this will help you make a more informed choice. It is also a good idea to start with products in a low price category. They are unlikely to survive long, but there’s no point spending big until you know what works for you, or your partner. All of this means, of course, that it is important to consider in detail the product photos of sex-toys.

Clear and detailed images are important for the customer. The client must know what they are getting, because returns could be a little embarrassing. What if the client has to not only contact the support service by phone, but also to wrap the goods in front of the courier? This could be an awkward situation. So, to make sure the customer knows, in advance, what they are getting, here are the basic rules for product photos for these goods:

  1. Order of photos.

    1 photograph should demonstrate the entire product, the angle should be taken so that the primary areas that produce enjoyable sensations are visible. A person should be excited by looking at this picture.

    Then, in the following photos of the product, these key parts of the product should be shown in an enlarged size, with an indication of the dimensions, so that the client’s interest and anticipation are maintained.

    The rest of the photos should show the product from different angles. Do not forget to show all the details of the toy.

  2. High quality photograph showing the material the sex toy is made of.

    The best material for such products are stainless steel, silicone, or glass. Their non-porous structure prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the product, and this greatly eases maintenance and cleanliness. Therefore, most buyers will consider the material, and the photographs should clearly show what the product is made of. Obviously, the specific description will be given in the accompanying text and user reviews, but initially, the photograph should clearly show the structure to support this. It is better to take a photo that is not close, but close enough to provide this level of detail.

  3. The photographer must be knowledgeable of the topic.

    Seeing a sex toy photographed well, without even a model, can be enough to get experienced clients slightly aroused. This, of course, is what we want from the photographs, so we should talk about the main choices for sex toys. The range is huge, but here are the main ones that you are most likely to need to have photographed.

Professional product shot photography of sex industry toys can be real art

And that is the 4th rule. Use your imagination to bring the photo to life. Make product shot photography and photographs a real masterpiece. Today the world does not stand still and moves at a dazzling speed - including the increasing use of sexual toys and devices by ordinary people. There are world-famous artists who paint only penises and vaginas. People today increasingly accept their sexuality and enjoy it. Girls are no longer interested in being modest and pious - they want to experiment, and men today want to please their partners sexually. Now a professional photographer can take photos with live models. Of course, even in this field, you have  to stain in boundaries of what is a norm.

Commercial photography studio where you can make any photos you want

Some commercial photography studios refuse to take orders for photography of merchandise from an adult store. Unfortunately, in our world there are still many prejudices and negative attitudes towards the simple enjoyment of the sexual side of human existence.

In our commercial photography studio in Toronto, you can take images of any product you want. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can take these photos using our special photography machines. Let's tell you more:

For small sex toys one could use the incredibly good “Eclipse” machine. It is a fully self-contained system. With it you are able to take high-quality videos and stills from all angles and to experiment with set design. Also, it has software that will help you to export auto-edited videos and stills within minutes. That is very good for small items, such as vibrators, whips, handcuffs, and other basic toys.

The horizontal machine is perfect for taking flat laying photos. This is particularly suitable if you want to take a photo of the product with backlighting.

If you are brave enough to take photos of models with toys, then the "live-machine" is for you.

Also, we have a special Alphashot machine, which is designed for flat lay jewelry. It is ideal for small toys that may include rhinestones of various colors. With this machine, you can take pictures of such products without glare.

And, of course, our team of professional photographers will gladly do all the work for you. All you need to do is just to send the goods by mail, after that you just have to wait for the photos. We respect the business of each of our clients and therefore try to take high-quality photographs of any product. The only condition in relation to commercial product photography of sex toys is that the items should be 40 cm or less in length and they must be stable to stand on their own. We look forward to your orders! Call us!

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