How video helps fashion brands sell more online

4 October, 2019
How video helps fashion brands sell more online
Today people enjoy watching the high quality products images, but they prefer more interesting shopping with different video content. Do you think why? Here is 10 points, which show how thanks to the video sell much more online.

73% interesting videos of your products makes you to buy it

Videos, which advertise some products, turns viewers into buyers. Color picture does it thing. It is very important for different fashion brands, which want to get more customers.

57% know what they are waiting and most likely don’t return the product

When shoppers watch videos, they can see how product will look live. Also it helps to imagine if this clothes will fit them. That’s why customers know everything about product and they will not be surprised when unpack it.

64% of customers want “to try product on tooth”

Touch and feeling are the main criterion of choosing clothes. Most people cant live without it. That’s why different brick and mortal retail are successful today. Despite this online shopping is very actual and watching videos will help you to buy clothes and be satisfied.

58% of shoppers are more confident in the companies with video content

Everyone knows, that confident shoppers are generous shoppers. If customers see products live, they will trust the company more. It means, that shoppers will be willing to spend a lot of money and put everything in the basket.

127%  a large number of visiting web pages with video content

Shoppers want to see what they buy. Companies post many products on their site and want to be sure, that people can watch it. Thanks to video content you can increase the number of visits on your pages. It is not bad.

81% of consumer dwells on sites longer watching video

The main indicator of your site is time, that customers spend watching it. Also the rank of the site depends on it. When you have video content on your site, people will watch it and spend a lot of time on your page. It is very good for you and your company. It is the best way for shoppers to find new information about some product and explore the brand.

62% of consumers find something new watching video

Definitely, everyone use Facebook and Instagram in our life. You can only see photo of your friends and not even look for any products. Many companies can advertise videos on different social sites and people will watch it. Also they can share videos on different channels. It is a good way for increasing customer base.

41% more requests for sites with video than without it

Search engines always provide us with the right information. It tries to update this information every day. As you know, if we use Google for finding some news, we often see a lot of video in the results. People will watch different videos with great interest, than read boring articles. There is two side to the coin: consumer found what he wanted and site made a profit.

49% companies which use video earn more

If you want to increase company revenue, you can start using video in your marketing. This is a very profitable business. That’s why many companies are thinking about producing their own videos. This is the right solution. Because video viewing becomes more popular every year.

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